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TEXT (Lat. textum, woven fabric, from texere, to weave), a term which is applied with several varieties of meaning to the actual words of an author as written; it is thus used of the original composition as opposed to the commentary, paraphrase, notes, &c., written by others upon it, and to the written printed matter as opposed to the illustrations, diagrams, &c., accompanying it (see Textual Criticism below). A specific meaning is that of a passage of Scripture used as the subject of a sermon or discourse, as an argument or illustration in theological discussion or as a means of edification, exhortation or admonition. Technically the term is also applied to a particular form of writing in MSS. before the age of printing, and so, in composition, in such uses as "text-hand," "text-writer," &c. A "text-book" is a manual or handbook of instruction, such as is used by students as the standard book on the subject which they may be studying.

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