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THURSDAY ISLAND, one of the smallest of the Prince of Wales group, N. of Cape York, in the Torres Strait, attached ' William Allen (1806-1879), a native of North Carolina, removed in 1822 to Chillicothe, Ohio, was admitted to the bar in 1827, was a representative in Congress in 1833-1835, served in the United States. Senate in 1837-1.849, and was governor of Ohio in 1874-1875.

to Somerset county, Queensland, Australia. Pop. (1901), 1534. It has an excellent harbour, Port Kennedy, and is a port of call for mail steamers and the centre of the beche-de-mer and pearl fisheries of the Torres Strait. It is a fortified coaling station for the British navy. The neighbouring Friday Island is the quarantine and leper station for Queensland.

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