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TILBURY DOCKS, on the north shore of the Thames, in the county of Essex, England. They lie opposite Gravesend 25 m. below London Bridge and about the same distance from the Nore, being thus within the port of London. They were constructed in 1886 by the East & West India Docks Company, and were later owned by the London & India Docks Company. The docks are four in number, having, with tidal basin and entrance locks, a total area of 74 acres. The depth of water in the tidal basin is 25 ft. at low tide and 44 ft. at high tide. The length of quayage is about 22 m., and there is extensive warehousing as well as accommodation for passengers, as the largest passenger steamers trading with the Port of London lie here. Railway communication is provided by the London, Tilbury & Southend line, and there is direct connexion for goods traffic with all the northern lines.

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