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TIMARU, a seaport of Geraldine county, New Zealand, on the E. coast of South Island, ioo m. S.W. of Christchurch by rail. Pop. (1906), 7615. The slight inward sweep of the coast forms the Canterbury Bight, and the shore-line northward from Timaru is called the Ninety-mile Beach. The harbour is formed by breakwaters enclosing a space of 50 acres. Chief exports are wool, flour and frozen meat, and the industries are in connexion with these. Opals are found in the district. The Anglican church of St Mary is built of Oamaru and bluestone, with a roof of kauri wood. Caroline Bay, to the north, is a bathing resort. The volcanic soil is highly fertile. Timaru is the chief town in South Canterbury district, and the seat of the supreme and district courts. A branch railway traverses the inland agricultural district.

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