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TIRLEMONT (Flemish Thienen), a town of Belgium in the province of Brabant, II m. S.E. of Louvain. Pop. (1904), 18,340. It still preserves its enceinte, 6 m. in circumference. The principal church, Notre Dame du Lac, begun in the 12th and enlarged in the 15th centuries, is still unfinished. The church of St Germain also dates from the 12th century, and contains a fine altar-piece by Wappers. John Bolland, the Jesuit who began the collection of the Ada sanctorum, was born here in 1596. The principal industries are brewing, soap manufacture and tanning.

TIRMIDHI [Abu 'Isa Mahommed ibn 'Isa ut-Tirmidhi] (d. 892), Arabian traditionalist, was born at Tirmidh on the Jiban. He was a scholar of the traditionalist Bukhari, and in his search for traditions travelled through Khorasan, Irak and Hejaz. His al-f us-Sahib is one of the six canonical collections of traditions. In it he admitted every tradition that had ever been used to support a legal decision, indicating the doctrine it supported and mentioning the doctrines opposed to it. It was published at Bulaq in 1875. He also wrote the Kitab ushShama'il on the character and life of Mahomet (printed at Calcutta, 1846). (G. W. T.)

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