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TOMPKINSVILLE, a former village of Richmond (disambiguation)|Richmond county, New York, U.S.A., since 1898 a part of the borough of Richmond, New York City. It is on the N.E. shore of Staten Island in New York Bay, about 5 m. S. by W. of the southern extremity of Manhattan Island, and is a residential district of New York City. Tompkinsville was laid out in1814-1815upon a tract of about 700 acres, most of which was owned by Daniel D.

Tompkins. It was chartered as a village in 1823, but because of legal flaws the charter was revoked soon after Tompkins's death (in 1825), and thereafter the village was gradually absorbed by New Brighton and Edgewater (both incorporated in 1866), though the locality continued to be called Tompkinsville.

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