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TONDERN, a town of Germany, in the Prussian province of Schleswig-Holstein, on the Widane, 8 m. from the North Sea at Hoyer, opposite the island of Sylt, and 42 m. by rail N.W. from Flensburg. Pop. (1900), 4244. Tondern was in early days a seaport, but since the reclamation of the marshes and the dredging of the Widane navigation has ceased, and vessels load and unload at Hoyer, with which the place has direct railway communication. The trade consists chiefly in agricultural produce and cattle, and there is an important horse market.

In the village of Galhus, lying about 4 m. N., were discovered, in 1639 and 1734 respectively, two golden horns of the Scandinavian period; these were stolen in 1802 from the Museum of Northern Antiquities in Copenhagen, where they had been treasured, and have never been recovered.

See Karstens, Die Stadt Tondern (Tondern, 1861).

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