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TORO, a town of Spain, in the province of Zamora, on the right bank of the river Duero (Douro), and on the ZamoraMedina del Campo railway. Pop. (1900), 8379. Toro is an ancient fortified town, with picturesque narrow streets, among which are many medieval churches, convents and palaces, besides modern schools and public buildings. A fine bridge of twenty-two arches spans the river. The cathedral church is Romanesque; it dates from the 12th century but has been partially restored. The palace of the marquesses of Santa Cruz was the meeting place of the Cortes of 1371, 1442 and 1505, which made Toro and its code of laws celebrated. Toro is first mentioned in documents of the 10th century. It played an important part in the development of the kingdoms of Leon and Castile and in the reconquest of Spain from the Moors.

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