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TOSCANELLA (anc. Tuscana, q.v.), a town of the province of Rome, Italy, 15 m. N.E. of Corneto by road, 545 ft. above sealevel. Pop. (1901), 4839. The medieval walls with their towers are still preserved. On the ancient citadel hill is the Romanesque church of S. Pietro, belonging to four different periods-739, 1093 (the date of the reconstruction of the crypt), the middle of the 12th and the end of the 12th century. It has the shape of a Roman basilica, with a nave and two aisles and one apse. The elaborate façade with its rose window also belongs to the 12th century. S. Maria in the valley below dates from 1050 to 1206, and has a similar facade and a massive square campanile. In the town are two other Romanesque churches.

See G. T. Rivoira, Origini dell architettura Lombarda 1.146 (Rome 1901).

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