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TRADE (0. Eng. trod, footstep, from tredan, to tread; in M. Eng. the forms tred, trod and trade appear, the last in the sense of a beaten track), originally a term meaning track or course, and so surviving in "trade-wind" (q.v.), a wind which always blows in one course; hence a way of life, business or occupation, and, specifically, the handicraft in which a man has been trained and which he makes his means of livelihood, or the mercantile business which he carries on for profit, as opposed to the liberal arts or professions. A further development of meaning makes the word synonymous with commerce, comprehending every species of exchange or dealing in commodities.

See Commerce; Balance Of Trade; Free Trade; Protection; Tariffs; Trade Organization; and-also the sections dealing with trade and commerce under the various countries.

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