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TRAMORE, a market village and seaside resort of Co. Waterford, Ireland, on the bay of the same name, 7 m. S. of the city of Waterford, and the terminus of the Waterford & Tramore railway. The situation is pleasant, and the neighbouring coast exhibits bold cliff scenery. The bay is open to the south, and is dangerous to navigators, as in foggy weather it has been frequently mistaken for the entrance to Waterford Harbour. On the cliffs to the west are three towers, cone having a curious iron figure known as the "metal man," erected as a warning to sailors. The bay is divided into an outer part and an inner lagoon (the Back Strand) by a spit of sand, with a strait, crossed by a ferry at its eastern extremity. A monument commemorates the wreck of the troopship "Seahorse" in 1816. Four miles west is Dunhill Castle, well situated on a precipitous rock.

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