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TRAUTENAU (Czech Trutnov), a town of Bohemia, 120 m. E.N.E. of Prague by rail. Pop. (1900), 14,777, mostly German. It is situated on the Aupa, a tributary of the Elbe, at the foot of the Riesengebirge, and possesses a beautiful church built in 1283 and restored in 1768. Trautenau is the centre of the Bohemian linen industry and has factories for the manufacture of paper and for the utilization of the waste products of the other mills. Trautenau was founded by German colonists invited to settle there by King Otto Kar II. of Bohemia, and received a charter as a town in 1340. It was the scene of two battles between the Prussians and Austrians on the 27th and the 28th of June 1866.

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