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TRAVE, a river of north Germany, rising in the Oldenburg principality of Lubeck, between Eutin and Ahrensbock. Flowing at first southwards through small lakes and marshes, it then turns west and, confined within flat and sandy banks, enters the Prussian province of Schleswig-Holstein. It now bends due south to Oldesloe, from which point it is navigable. Hence it takes an easterly course, and, entering the territory of the free city of Lubeck, receives from the right the Stecknitz, through which and the Stecknitz canal built by the merchants of Lubeck in 1398) a direct water communication is maintained with the Elbe, and passing the city of Lubeck discharges itself into the Baltic at the port of Travemiinde after a course of 58 m. Its lower course from Lubeck to the sea has been dredged to a depth of 25 ft., permitting sea-going vessels to lie alongside the wharves and quays.

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