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TREBINJE, a town of Herzegovina, situated 9 m. N. E. of Ragusa, on the small river Trebinjeica, and on a branch of the railway from Metkovic to Castelnuovo, near Cattaro. Pop. (1895), about 1700. Trebinje is built in a low-lying oasis among the desolate limestone mountains, close to the Dalmatian and Montenegrin frontiers. Its half-ruined wall and citadel testify to its former strategic importance. Trebinje was built by the Sla y s, probably on the site of a Roman town laid waste by the Saracens in 840. In the tenth century Constantine Porphyrogenitus mentions it as Terbunia. It commanded the road from Ragusa to Constantinople, traversed, in 1096, by Raymond of Toulouse and his crusaders. Under the name of Tribunia or Travunja (the Trebigne of the Ragusans), it belonged to the Servian Empire until 1355. In 1483 it was captured by the Turks.

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