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TREVI (anc. Trebiae), a town of the province of Perugia, Italy, 30 m. S.E. of Perugia and 5 m. S. of Foligno by rail. Pop. (1901), 5708. The town stands on a steep hill 1 355 ft. above sea-level. Several of its churches are architecturally interesting, especially the Madonna delle Lacrime (1487) outside the town, the elegant early Renaissance architecture of which resembles that of the Madonna del Calcinaio at Cortona, and most of them (and also the municipal picture gallery) contain paintings by artists of the Umbrian school - notably Lo Spagna, a pupil of Perugino. S. Emiliano has a group of three altars decorated with fine sculptures by Rocco da Vicenza (1521). The ancient town is believed to have been situated m. to the north-west, but little is known of it, and no remains save inscriptions exist.

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