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TRIBERG, a town and health resort of Germany, in the grand duchy of Baden, in the Black Forest, pleasantly situated on the Gutach and surrounded by well-wooded hills, 2250 ft. above the sea, 35 m. by rail S.E. of Offenburg. Pop. (1905), 37 1 7. It has four churches, one of them Anglican. Triberg is one of the chief centres of the Black Forest clock-making industry. Straw-plaiting, saw-milling, brewing, and the manufacture of wooden wares are also carried on, and the town has a permanent industrial exhibition. Triberg is what is called a Luftkurort, a place to which convalescents resort after a course of baths elsewhere. Near the town is the fine waterfall formed by the Gutach. Triberg came into the possession of Austria in 1654 and into that of Baden in 1806.

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