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TRIMONTIUM, the name of a Roman fort at Newstead, near Melrose, Scotland, close under the three Eildon Hills (whence the name trium montium). It was an advanced post of the Romans towards Scotland both about 80 A.D. and after, and again (after an interval of evacuation) from about A.D. 140-180. Excavations during the last four years have yielded finds of almost unique importance. These include the foundations of several successive forts, one above the other, which throw much light on the character of the Roman military post; an unparalleled collection of Roman armour, including ornate helmets, and a good series of coins and datable pottery. The whole illustrate the history of the Roman army and that of Roman Scotland very remarkably and to an extent equalled by no Scottish site as yet explored.

See the report published for the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland by the excavator Mr James Curie. (F. J. H.)

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