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TRING, a market town in the Watford parliamentary division of Hertfordshire, England, 311 m. N.W. by W. from London by the London and North Western railway. Pop. of urban district (1901), 4349. It lies on the western slope of the Chiltern Hills, close to the entrance to a narrow valley which pierces them, and forms one of the highways through them to London, carrying the railway, the Grand Junction Canal, and a main road. The church of St Peter and St Paul shows fine Perpendicular work, especially in the ornate interior of the nave. Industries include straw-plaiting and the weaving of canvas and silk. The Rothschild Museum, erected in 1889, contains air extensive natural history collection. Living wild animals are also kept in a neighbouring paddock and cages. The road which passes through Tring and along the face of the hills represents the ancient Icknield Way, and there may have been a Romano-British village on the site of Tring.

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