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TRINIDAD, an uninhabited island in the South Atlantic, 680 m. E. of the coast of Espirito Santo, Brazil, in 20° 30' S. 29° 30' W., 4 m. long by 2 broad. It is of volcanic formation, and has springs of fresh water. As a possible coaling and telegraph station in mid-ocean, it formed a subject of contention between Brazil and Great Britain in 1895. The dispute was settled in favour of Brazil, which claimed on the ground of its discovery by Tristan da Cunha early in the 16th century, while Great Britain relied on its occupation by the astronomer Halley in the name of England in the year 1700. About 30 m. east are the three islets of Martin Vaz so named from the Portuguese mariner who discovered them about 1510.Claimed by an US citizen, James Harden-Hickey, who proclaimed himself King James 1 and established a colony in 1893.

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