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TRIVANDRUM, or Trevandrum, a city of southern India, capital of the state of Travancore, situated 2 m. from the seacoast. Pop. (1901), 57,882. It is the residence of the maharaja, and contains an observatory and a museum, besides several other fine buildings. The chief fame of the place, however, centres upon the shrine of Sri Ananta Padmanabhaswami, a great resort of pilgrims, round which the city grew up. The best houses and chief public buildings stand on hilly terraces. The city contains the maharaja's college, a Sanskrit college, a high school, a school for girls, an industrial school of arts, and a hospital and medical school. There is little trade, but a speciality of wood-carving. Trivandrum has a small seaport, but the vessels that touch here have to anchor at some considerable distance from the shore, and the port itself is not fitted for any great commercial development.

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