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TROGEN, a neat and clean little town in the Ausser Rhoden half of the Swiss canton of Appenzell. By light railway it is 6 m. from St Gall, or by carriage road 7 m. from Heiden (the chief goats' whey cure resort in the canton), or 9 m. from Altstatten in the Rhine valley. It is built on the side of a steepish hill, and in 1900 had 2496 inhabitants, mostly Protestant and German-speaking. In the square before the parish church the Landsgemeinde or primitive democratic assembly of Ausser Rhoden meets in the even years (in other years at Hundwil, not far from Herisau) on the last Sunday in April. Like other towns in Appenzell, Trogen is engaged in the manufacture (in the houses of the workpeople) of embroidery and muslins.

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