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TROOP (an adaptation of Fr. troupe, O. Fr. trope; cf. Ital. troppa, troppa; Med. Lat. truppus; the origin is doubtful; suggestions have been made that it represents a German conception of Latin turba, crowd, or is an adaptation of Norw. torp, flock), a company or assemblage of persons, the term being usually applied in the plural to a body of soldiers of varying strength and of different arms. Specifically, a "troop" is one of the smaller units into which a regiment of horse-soldiers is divided, forming a subdivision of a squadron. Roughly speaking, it consists of sixteen files, and does not exceed from 30 to 40 sabres; in some armies, however, a maximum limit of 60 sabres are found (see Cavalry). For the military ceremony known as "trooping of the colours," see Colours, Military.

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