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TROWEL (Med. Eng. truel, O. Fr. truelle, Low Lat. truella, a variant of trulla, diminutive of trua, stirring spoon, ladle, Gr. ropk' , from the root tar, to turn round and round; cf. ropcin, borer), a tool or implement, varying in shape according to the use to which it is put, but consisting of a blade of iron or steel fitted with a handle. The bricklayers' or plasterers' trowel, used for mixing, spreading and smoothing the mortar or plaster, has a flat, triangular, oval or rectangular blade; the gardeners' trowel, for digging plants, laying or mixing mould, &c., has a semi-cylindrical blade. Highly ornamental trowels made of, or decorated with, the precious metals are presented. to royal, official or other personages who formally lay the foundation stones of buildings.

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