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TROY, a city and the county-seat of Miami (disambiguation)|Miami county, Ohio, U.S.A., on the west bank of the Great Miami River, about 65 m. W. of Columbus. Pop. (1890), 4494; (igoo), 5881 (234 foreignborn); (1910), 6122. Troy is served by the Cleveland, Cincinnati, Chicago & St Louis and the Cincinnati, Hamilton & Dayton railways, and by the Dayton & Troy and the Springfield, Troy & Piqua electric inter-urban lines. The Miami and Erie Canal, formerly important for traffic, is now used only for power. The principal public buildings include the court house and the city hall, and there are a public library (housed in the city hall) and a children's home. Troy is situated in a good general farming region, of which tobacco is an important crop; and there are various manufactures. The municipality owns and operates the waterworks and electric-lighting plant. The first settlement was made in 1807, and Troy was first chartered as a city in 1890.

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