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TRUJILLO, or TRUXILLO, a seaport on the Atlantic coast of Honduras, in 1 5° J4' N. and 86° 5' W. Pop. (1905), about 4000. The harbour, an inlet of the Bay of Honduras, is sheltered on the north by the promontory of Cape Honduras; it is deep and spacious, but insecure in westerly winds. Mahogany, dye-woods, sarsaparilla, cattle, hides and fruit are exported; grain, flour, hardware and rum are imported. Trujillo was founded in 1524, and became one of the most prosperous ports of the new world, and the headquarters of a Spanish naval squadron. During the 17th century it was frequently and successfully raided by buccaneers, and thus lost much of its commerce. Still more has in modern times been diverted to Puerto Cortes and the Bay Islands.

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