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TRUJILLO, a town of Spain, in the province of Caceres; on a hill 25 m. east of Caceres, and on the river Tozo, a subtributary of the Tagus. Pop. (190o), 12,512. The surrounding country is rugged, but produces wheat, wine, oils and fruit, besides livestock of all sorts, and much phosphorite. There are valuable forests close to the town. In the oldest part of Trujillo are the remains of a castle said to be of Roman origin, but rebuilt by the Moors and restored in modern times. The Julia tower is also said to be Roman, like much of the fortifications. The Roman name for the town was Turgalium. The principal parish church, Santa Maria, is a fine Gothic structure of the 15th century. Trujillo was a town of importance in the middle ages. Pizarro, the conqueror of Peru, was born here about 1471, and built a palace, which still stands, in the main square of the town.

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