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TUCUMAN, a northern province of Argentina, bounded N. by Salta, E. by Santiago del Estero, S. and W. by Catamarca. Area, 8926 sq. M. Pop. (1895), 2 15,742; (1904, estimated) 263,079. The Sierra de Aconquija is on the western frontier of the province and there is also broken country in the north, but in the east the country is flat, alluvial and very fertile. The only large river is the Sali, or Dulce, which receives a large number of small streams from the Sierra de Aconquija and flows through Santiago del Estero to the Porongos lagoons on the frontier of Cordoba. The exports are sugar, rum (aguardiente), timber, hides, leather, fruit and Tafi cheese made in an upland valley of the Aconquija.

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