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TUGGURT, a town in the Wadi Ghir, Algerian Sahara, 127 m. S. of Biskra. Tuggurt, which has a population (1906) of 2073, was formerly surrounded by a moat, which the French filled up. The town is entered by two gates. Just within the northern gate is the market place, which contains the chief mosque. The surrounding oasis is very fertile. It has about 9000 inhabitants and contains about 200,000 date palms. From Tuggurt a road 75 m. long leads across the desert north-east to El Wad.

Some 12 m. south-west at the desert end of the Wadi Ghir is the oasis and town of Temacin (pop. 2120), one of the chief centres of the Mussulman fraternity of Tidianes.

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