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TUNSTALL, a market town of Staffordshire, England, on the northern outskirts of the Potteries district, included in the parliamentary borough of Newcastle-under-Lyme, 4 m. N.W. from Stoke-upon-Trent by the North Staffordshire railway. Pop. of urban district (1901), 19,492. The town is of modern growth. The Victoria Institute (1889) includes a library and schools of art and science. The neighbourhood is full of collieries, ironworks and potteries. Kidsgrove, Chatterley and Talk-o'-th'- hill are large neighbouring villages; the mines at the last-named were the scene of a terrible explosion in 1866, by which nearly a hundred lives were lost. There are brick and tile works in Tunstall. The town is included in the large parish of Wolstanton, and in the borough of Stoke-on-Trent under the " Potteries Federation "scheme (1908).

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