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TURI, a Pathan tribe on the Kohat border of the North-West Frontier Province of India. The Turis inhabit the Kurram valley, which adjoins the western end of the Miranzai valley and number nearly 1 2,000. Though now speaking Pushtu and ranking as Pathans, they are by origin a Turki tribe, of the Shiah sect, who subjected the Bangash Afghans some time early in the eighteenth century. They are strong, hardy, and courageous, and make first-rate horsemen. Their early dealings with the British government were inclined to turbulence, and they were concerned in the Miranzai expeditions of 1851 and 1855 (see Miranzai). But the only expedition specially sent against them was the Kurram expedition of 1856 (see Kurram). Since then they have settled down and engaged in trade. During the Second Afghan War they supplied Sir Frederick Roberts with guides and provisions. In 18 9 2 they voluntarily accepted British administration, and they now furnish a large part of the tribal militia in the Kurram Valley.

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