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TUXEDO, a town of Orange county, New York, U.S.A., about 40 m. N.N.W. of New York City, near the New Jersey state line. Pop. (1890), 1678; (1900), 2277; (1905), 2865; (1910), 2858. Tuxedo is served by the Erie railway. About 12 m. west of the railway station is Tuxedo Lake, which with 13,000 acres of surrounding country was taken for debt in 1814 by the elder Pierre Lorillard, who built a shooting-box here and sold wood from the land. The second Pierre Lorillard (1833-1901) formed the Tuxedo Park Association for the development of the tract, and on the 1st of June 1886 the Tuxedo Club and Tuxedo Park were opened; here there has grown up a remarkable collection of private establishments for the enjoyment of country life by certain wealthy families, who form a social club to whom the privileges are restricted. The area covers a variety of wild and cultivated scenery, and is beautifully laid out and utilized; there are golf links, a tennis and racket club, and game preserves, with excellent trout and bass fishing in the lake.

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