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TYLER, a city and the county-seat of Smith county, Texas, U.S.A., about 115 m. E. by S. of Dallas. Pop. (1890), 6908; (1900), 8069, of whom 2693 were negroes; (1910 census), 10,400. Tyler is served by the International & Great Northern and the St Louis South-Western railways. It is the seat of the Tyler Commercial College, of the East Texas Conservatory of Music and of two institutions for negroes - Texas College (1895; Colored Methodist Episcopal) and the East Texas Normal and Industrial Academy (Baptist, 1905). The principal public buildings include the city hall, the county court-house, a Carnegie library and the post office and Federal Courts building. Sessions of the United States Circuit and District Courts, and of a state district court, as well as of the county court, are held in Tyler. Tyler is situated in a prosperous agricultural region, and has various manufactures. The St Louis South-Western railway maintains general offices and machine-shops here. Tyler, named in honour of President John Tyler, was settled in 1847, was incorporated as a town in 1870 and was chartered as a city in 1907.

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