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TYREE, an island of the Inner Hebrides, Argyllshire, Scotland. Pop. (Igor), 2192. It is situated fully 2 m. S.W. of Coll, the isle of Gunna lying in the channel between the two islands, and has an extreme length from north-east to southwest of nearly 12 m. and a breadth varying from 4 m. to 44 m. Carnan Mor (460 ft.) is the highest point; there are several lakes. On the south-western point of Balephuill Bay are ruins of St Patrick's temple, besides duns and ancient chapels. Steamers call from Oban regularly at the small harbour of Scarinish. Skerryvore, a lonely rock in the Atlantic, 14 m. south-west, belongs to the parish of Tyree. The massive lighthouse, which Alan Stevenson erected in 1833-1843, was constructed of granite from the quarries of Hynish at the southeastern extremity of Tyree.

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