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TYUMEN, a town in West Siberia, in the government of Tobolsk, situated where the chief highway from Russia across the Urals touches the first navigable river (the Tura) of Siberia. Pop. (1900), 29,651. A railway passing through Ekaterinburg (202 m. west by rail) and the principal ironworks on the eastern slopes of the middle Urals connects Tyumen with Perm, the terminus of steamboat traffic on the Kama and Volga. Tyumen has regular steam communication with Omsk and Semipalatinsk Irtysh (steamers penetrating as far as Lake Zaisan in Dzungaria), with Tomsk, and other places in the Altai, and with the Arctic Ocean and the fisheries of the lower Ob. The town is well built, and stands on both banks of the Tura, here spanned by a bridge. The inhabitants have always been renowned for their industrial skill. Woollen cloth, linen, belts, barges, paper, and especially boots and gloves, are manufactured to a large amount; and Tyumen carpets have a great reputation in Russia and Siberia.

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