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VIA TIBURTINA, an ancient road of Italy, leading E.N.E. from Rome to Tibur, a distance of about 18 m. It must have come into existence, as a track at any rate, during the establishment of the Latin League. Though it afterwards became an important thoroughfare, the first portion of it always retained its original name, that of Via Valeria (see Valeria, Via) being applied only to the portion of the road beyond Tibur. The road is in the main followed by a modern highroad. There is, however, a difficulty about the last portion of its course from the Albulae Aquae to Tibur; whereas, according to the milestones and itineraries, it should be 20 m. from Rome to Tibur, it is impossible to make the distance more than 18 m. along any probable line.

See T. Ashby in Papers of the British School at Rome, iii. 84 sqq.

(T. As.)

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