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WILHELM SIEGMUND TEUFFEL (1820-1878), German classical scholar, was born at Ludwigsburg in the kingdom of Wurttemberg on the 27th of September 1820. In 1849 he was appointed extraordinary, in 1857 ordinary professor in the university of Tubingen, which post he held till his death on the 8th of March 1878. His most important work was his Geschichte der romischen Litteratur (1870; 5th ed. by L. Schwabe, 1890; Eng. tr. by G. C. Warr, 1900), which, although written in an unattractive style, is indispensable to the student, the bibliographical information being especially valuable. After the death of A. Pauly, the editor of the well-known RealEncyclopddie der classischen Altertumswissenschaft, Teuffel, at first assisted by E. C. Walz, undertook the completion of the work, to which he also contributed numerous articles.

He was also the author of "Prolegomena zur Chronologie der horazischen Gedichte" (in Zeitschrift fiir die Altertumswissenschaft, 1842); Charakteristik des Horaz (Leipzig, 1842); Horaz, eine litterar-historischebersicht (Tubingen, 1843), and of editions of the Clouds of Aristophanes (1856) and the Persae of Aeschylus (1866). His Studien and Charakteristiken (1871; 2nd ed., 1889) contain valuable contributions to the history of Greek and Roman literature. See S. Teuffel, Wilhelm Teuffel (1889); C. Bursian in Biographisches Jahrbuch (1878); F. Koldewey in Allgemeine deutsche Biographie, xxxvii.

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