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YAMBOLI, a town of Bulgaria, on the river Tunja, 49 m. W. of Burgas by rail. Pop. (1906) 15,708. It has a large agricultural trade, being situated in the centre of one of the chief corn districts. In the town are the remains of old fortifications, and the ruins of a fine mosque. The bezetlan, or old market-house, is entire, but is now used as a military magazine. An ancient Macedonian town lay some 4 m. N., but Yamboli is first mentioned in the r Ith century, when it was known by the Byzantines as Dampolis or Hyampolis.

Yamethin, a town and district in the Meiktila division of Upper Burma. The town has a station on the railway 275 m. N. of Rangoon. Pop. (r901) 8680. It is an important centre of trade with the Shan States. The district lies between the Shan States and the Meiktila, Magwe and Toungoo districts; area, 4258 sq. m.; pop. (Igor) 243,197, showing an increase of 18% in the decade. The staple crop is rice, which is irrigated from tanks and canals. Millets and oil-seeds are grown in the N., where drought has more than once caused distress. There are special industries of inlaid metal-work and ornamental pottery. Besides the chief town, Pyinmana and Pyawbwe, both also on the railway, carry on an active trade with the Shan States.

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