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YANG-CHOW FU, a prefectural city in the province of Kiangsu, China, forming the two distinct cities of Kiang-tu and Kanch`iian, on the Grand Canal, in 32° 21' N., 119° 15' E. Pop. about roo,000. The walls are between three and four miles in circumference. The streets are well supplied with shops, and there are handsome temples, colleges, and other public buildings. There was a serious religious outbreak in 1868, when Hudson Taylor, the founder of the China Inland Mission, opened a station here; but Yang-chow is now one of the centres of the Protestant 1 It is probable that Yancey was approached with the offer of the vice-presidential nomination on the Douglas ticket by George N. Sanders. There was a movement to nominate him on the ticket with Breckinridge also.

missionaries in the province. Yang-chow Fu possesses an early historical connexion with foreigners, for Marco Polo ruled over it for three years by appointment from Kublai Khan (?1282-85).

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