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YEZD, the capital of the province of the same name in Persia, situated 192 m. N.W. of Kerman, 162 m. S.E. of Isfahan, in 31° 54' N. and 54° 22' E., at an elevation of 4240 ft. Its population, '100,000 in 1810, is now estimated at 50,000, including 2000 Jews and 1300 Zoroastrians.' The city is divided into the Shahr i nau (new town) and Shahr i kohneh (old town), separated by a wall with two gates. The ark, or citadel, in the E. of the town, is fortified with walls, bastions and dry ditch, and contains the governor's residence. The bazaar is in good repair and well stocked; other parts of the town are irregularly planned, with dark, narrow streets. There are eighteen mosques, one, the Masjed i Jama, also called Masjed i Mir Chakhmak, is an old and decayed structure originally built in 1119, with a lofty and imposing frontage dating from 1472. There are seven colleges. The caravanserais number thirtythree. There are telegraph (English staff since 1903) and post offices. The Englishman in charge of the telegraph office acts as British vice-consul.

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