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YEZD, or YAZD, a province of Persia, bounded S. by Kerman, W. by Fars and Isfahan, and N. and E. by the central Persian deserts. It contains an area of about 20,000 sq. m., but its population barely exceeds 100,000, of whom about half inhabit the capital of the province. Its subdivisions are: (1) the city of Yezd and immediate environs; (2) Ardakan; (3) Bafk; (4) Taft; (5) Kuhistan (Pish Kuh, Mian Kuh, Pusht Kuh, on the slopes and in the valleys of the Shir Kuh, a part of the great Central Range of Persia W. of the city of Yezd, and rising to an elevation of 11,000 ft.); and (6) Shahr i Babek. The last is situated far S. near Kerman, and sometimes is regarded as part of that province. The revenues slightly exceed X60,000 a year. Much silk is grown in the district, but is not sufficient for the silk stuffs which Yezd manufactures with its 1000 looms, and raw silk (about 75,000 lb yearly) has to be obtained from Khorasan and Gilan. Great quantities of felts (nimads), white and yellow cotton stuffs, the latter a kind of nankeen made of Gossypium herbaceum, are also manufactured and exported. Other exports are opium, madder and almonds. The grain produced suffices for only two or three months' consumption, and supplies have to be brought from Khorasan, so that wheat and barley are dearer than at other places in Persia. The part of the district situated in the plain is much exposed to moving sands, which render cultivation difficult and at times impossible.

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