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uremia (u-re′me-a)
1. An excess of urea and other nitrogenous waste in the blood. 2. The complex of symptoms due to severe persisting renal failure that can be relieved by dialysis. [G. ouron, urine, + haima, blood] hypercalcemic u. u. due to renal failure caused by hypercalcemia with nephrocalcinosis.

uremic (u-re′mik)
Relating to uremia.

uremigenic (u-re-mi-jen′ik)
1. Of uremic origin or causation. 2. Causing or resulting in uremia.

See ure-.

ureotele (u′re-o-tel)
An organism that is ureotelic; E.G., primates.

ureotelia (u′re-o-tel′e-a)
The process or type of nitrogen excretion in which urea is the primary end product. [urea + G. telos, end, outcome, + -ia]

ureotelic (u′re-o-tel′ik)
Excreting nitrogen primarily in the form of urea. [ureo- + G. telos, end]

urerythrin (ur-er′i-thrin)
SYN: uroerythrin.

uresiesthesia (u-re′si-es-the′ze-a)
The desire to urinate. SYN: uriesthesia. [G. ouresis, a urinating, + aisthesis, sensation]

uresis (u-re′sis)
SYN: urination. [G. ouresis]

ureter (u-re′ter, u′re-ter) [TA]
The tube that conducts the urine from the renal pelvis to the bladder; it consists of an abdominal part and a pelvic part, is lined with transitional epithelium surrounded by smooth muscle, both circular and longitudinal, and is covered externally by a tunica adventitia. [G. oureter, urinary canal] curlicue u. term given to the radiographic appearance of an opacified u., herniated through the sciatic foramen; a very rare condition. ectopic u. opens somewhere other than the bladder wall. ileal u. SYN: ureteroileoneocystostomy. postcaval u. congenital defect where the right u. passes deep to the inferior vena cava on its descent to the bladder. retrocaval u. in urography, the medial deviation of the right u. in the rare circumstance in which it passes behind the inferior vena cava before entering the pelvis. retroiliac u. congenital defect where the u. passes deep to the iliac artery.

ureteral (u-re′te-ral)
Relating to the ureter. SYN: ureteric.

ureteralgia (u-re-ter-al′je-a)
Pain in the ureter. [ureter + G. algos, pain]

uretercystoscope (u-re′ter-sis′to-skop)
SYN: ureterocystoscope.

ureterectasia (u-re′ter-ek-ta′ze-a)
Dilation of a ureter. SYN: hydroureter, megaloureter. [ureter + G. ektasis, a stretching out]

ureterectomy (u-re-ter-ek′to-me)
Excision of a segment or all of a ureter. [ureter + G. ektome, excision]

ureteric (u-re-ter′ik)
SYN: ureteral.

ureteritis (u-re-ter-i′tis)
Inflammation of a ureter.

The ureter. [G. oureter, urinary canal]

ureterocalicostomy (u-re′ter-kal-i-kos′-to-e)
Anastomosis of ureter to lower-pole collecting system of kidney after amputation of a portion of lower-pole parenchyma. [uretero- + G. kalyx, cup of a flower, + stoma, mouth]

ureterocele (u-re′ter-o-sel)
Saccular dilation of the terminal portion of the ureter which protrudes into the lumen of the urinary bladder, probably due to a congenital stenosis of the ureteral meatus. [uretero- + G. kele, hernia] ectopic u. a u. extending distal to the bladder neck. orthotopic u. a u. entirely within the bladder.

ureterocelorraphy (u-re′ter-o-se-lor′a-fe)
Excision and suturing of a ureterocele performed through an open cystotomy incision. [ureterocele + G. raphe, suture]

ureterocolic (u-re′ter-o-kol′ik)
Relating to the ureter and the colon, especially to an anastomosis for lesions of the lower urinary tract.

ureterocolostomy (u-re′ter-o-ko-los′to-me)
Implantation of the ureter into the colon. SYN: ureterosigmoidostomy. [uretero- + G. kolon, colon, + stoma, mouth]

Augmentation of the bladder using a native dilated ureter.

ureterocystoscope (u-re′ter-o-sis′to-skop)
A cystoscope with an attachment for catheterization of the ureters; the catheter is passed into the ureter when its orifice is brought into view with the cystoscope. SYN: uretercystoscope. [uretero- + G. kystis, bladder, + skopeo, to view]

ureterocystostomy (u-re′ter-o-sis-tos′to-me)
SYN: ureteroneocystostomy. [uretero- + G. kystis, bladder, + stoma, mouth]

ureteroenteric (u-re′ter-o-en-ter′ik)
Relating to a ureter and the intestine.

ureteroenterostomy (u-re′ter-o-en-ter-os′to-me)
Formation of an opening between a ureter and the intestine. [uretero- + G. enteron, intestine, + stoma, mouth]

ureterography (u-re′ter-og′ra-fe)
Radiography of the ureter after the direct injection of contrast medium. [uretero- + G. graphe, a writing]

ureterohydronephrosis (u-re′ter-o-hi′dro-nef-ro′sis)
Hydronephrosis also involving the ureters. SYN: hydroureteronephrosis, nephroureterectasis.

ureteroileoneocystostomy (u-re′ter-o-il′e-o-ne′o-sis-tos′to-me)
Restoration of the continuity of the urinary tract by anastomosis of the upper segment of a partially destroyed ureter to a segment of ileum, the lower end of which is then implanted into the bladder. SYN: ileal ureter. [uretero- + ileum + G. neos, new, + hystis, bladder, + stoma, mouth]

ureteroileostomy (u-re′ter-o-il-e-os′to-me)
Implantation of a ureter into an isolated segment of ileum which drains through an abdominal stoma. [uretero- + ileum + G. stoma, mouth]

ureterolithiasis (u-re′ter-o-li-thi′a-sis)
The formation or presence of a calculus or calculi in one or both ureters. [ureterolith + G. -iasis, condition]

ureterolithotomy (u-re′ter-o-li-thot′o-me)
Removal of a stone lodged in a ureter. [ureterolith + G. tome, incision]

ureterolysis (u′re-ter-ol′i-sis)
Surgical freeing of the ureter from surrounding disease or adhesions. [uretero- + G. lysis, a loosening]

ureteroneocystostomy (u-re′ter-o-ne′o-sis-tos′to-me)
An operation whereby a ureter is implanted into the bladder. SEE ALSO: detrusorrhaphy. SYN: neocystostomy, ureteral reimplantation, ureterocystostomy, ureterovesicostomy. [uretero- + G. neos, new, + kystis, bladder, + stoma, mouth]

ureteronephrectomy (u-re′ter-o-ne-frek′to-me)
SYN: nephroureterectomy. [uretero- + G. nephros, kidney, + ektome, excision]

ureteropathy (u-re′ter-op′a-the)
Disease of the ureter. [uretero- + G. pathos, suffering]

ureteroplasty (u-re′ter-o-plas-te)
Surgical reconstruction of the ureters. [uretero- + G. plastos, formed]

ureteroproctostomy (u-re′ter-o-prok-tos′to-me)
Establishment of an opening between a ureter and the rectum. SYN: ureterorectostomy. [uretero- + G. proktos, rectum, + stoma, mouth]

ureteropyelitis (u-re′ter-o-pi-e-li′tis)
Inflammation of the pelvis of a kidney and its ureter. [uretero- + G. pyelos, pelvis, + -itis, inflammation]

ureteropyelography (u-re′ter-o-pi′e-log′ra-fe)
SYN: pyelography.

ureteropyeloplasty (u-re′ter-o-pi′e-lo-plas-te)
Surgical reconstruction of the ureter and of the pelvis of the kidney, usually for congenital ureteropelvic junction obstruction. [uretero- + G. pyelos, pelvis, + plastos, formed]

ureteropyelostomy (u-re′ter-o-pi-e-los′to-me)
Formation of a junction of the ureter and the renal pelvis. [uretero- + pelvis, + stoma, mouth]

ureteropyosis (u-re′ter-o-pi-o′sis)
An accumulation of pus in the ureter. [uretero- + G. pyosis, suppuration]

ureterorectostomy (u-re′ter-o-rek-tos′to-me)
SYN: ureteroproctostomy.

ureterorrhagia (u-re′ter-o-ra′je-a)
Hemorrhage from a ureter. [uretero- + G. rhegnymi, to burst forth]

ureterorrhaphy (u-re-ter-or′a-fe)
Suture of a ureter. [uretero- + G. rhaphe, suture]

ureteroscope (u-re′ter-o-skop)
An optical device passed in a retrograde fashion through the bladder up into the ureter to inspect the ureteral lumen and kidney collecting system.

ureterosigmoid (u-re′ter-o-sig′moyd)
Relating to the ureter and the sigmoid colon, especially to an anastomosis between the two.

ureterosigmoidostomy (u-re′ter-o-sig-moy-dos′to-me)
SYN: ureterocolostomy.

ureterostenosis (u-re′ter-o-ste-no′sis)
Stricture of a ureter. [uretero- + G. stenosis, a narrowing]

ureterostomy (u-re-ter-os′to-me)
Establishment of an external opening into the ureter. [uretero- + G. stoma, mouth] cutaneous u. a stoma constructed of ureter at skin level for drainage of urine. This may be an end stoma or a loop stoma. Usually performed because of distal obstruction. SYN: cutaneous loop u.. cutaneous loop u. SYN: cutaneous u..

ureterotomy (u-re-ter-ot′o-me)
Incision into a ureter. [uretero- + G. tome, incision]

ureterotrigonoenterostomy (u-re′ter-o-tri-go′no-en-ter-os′to-me)
Implantation of a ureter and its portion of the trigone of the bladder into the intestine. [uretero-, + trigone (of bladder), + enterostomy]

ureteroureteral (u-re′ter-o-u-re′ter-al)
Relating to two segments of the same ureter or to both ureters, especially an artificial anastomosis between them.

ureteroureterostomy (u-re′ter-o-u-re′ter-os′to-me)
Establishment of an anastomosis between the two ureters or between two segments of the same ureter. See transureteroureterostomy.

ureterovesical (u-re′ter-o-ves′i-kal)
Relating to the ureter and the bladder, specifically the junction of ureter with bladder.

ureterovesicostomy (u-re′ter-o-ves-i-kos′to-me)
SYN: ureteroneocystostomy. [uretero- + L. vesica, bladder, + stoma, mouth]

urethan, urethane (u′re-than, -than)
Has antimitotic activity; formerly used medically as a hypnotic, but now more often used as an anesthetic for laboratory animals. SYN: ethyl carbamate.

See urethro-.

urethra (u-re′thra) [TA]
The canal leading from the bladder, discharging the urine externally. [G. ourethra] anterior u. the portion of u. distal to urogenital diaphragm (external sphincter). female u. [TA] a canal about 4 cm long passing from the bladder, in close relation with the anterior wall of the vagina and having a long axis that parallels that of the vagina, opening in the vestibule of the vagina posterior to the clitoris and anterior to the vaginal orifice. SYN: u. feminina [TA] , u. muliebris. u. feminina [TA] SYN: female u.. male u. [TA] a canal about 20 cm in length that opens at the extremity of the glans penis; except for the intramural and upper prostatic parts, it gives passage to the spermatic fluid as well as urine; components include the intramural, prostatic, intermediate, and spongy urethrae. SYN: u. masculina [TA] , u. virilis. u. masculina [TA] SYN: male u.. membranous u. intermediate part of male u.. u. muliebris SYN: female u.. penile u. SYN: spongy u.. posterior u. the portion of the u. posterior to the urogenital diaphragm (external sphincter). prostatic u. [TA] the prostatic part of the male u., about 2.5 cm in length, that traverses the prostate; it includes the seminal colliculus, and the ejaculatory and prostatic ducts open into it. SYN: pars prostatica urethrae [TA] . spongy u. [TA] the portion of the male u., about 15 cm in length, which traverses the corpus spongiosum. SYN: pars spongiosa urethrae masculinae [TA] , pars cavernosa, penile u., spongy part of the male u.. u. virilis SYN: male u..

urethral (u-re′thral)
Relating to the urethra.

urethralgia (u-re-thral′je-a)
Pain in the urethra. SYN: urethrodynia. [urethr- + G. algos, pain]

urethrectomy (ur-e-threk′to-me)
Excision of a segment or of the entire urethra. [urethr- + G. ektome, excision]

urethremorrhagia (u-re′threm-o-ra′je-a)
SYN: urethrorrhagia. [urethr- + G. haima, blood, + rhegnymi, to burst forth]

urethrism, urethrismus (u′re-thrizm, -thriz′mus)
Irritability or spasmodic stricture of the urethra. SYN: urethrospasm.

urethritis (u-re-thri′tis)
Inflammation of the urethra. [ureth- + G. -itis, inflammation] anterior u. inflammation of the portion of the urethra anterior to the triangular ligament. follicular u. chronic u. with nodular lymphocytic infiltrations in the mucosa. SYN: granular u.. gonorrheal u. infection of the urethra usually in association with a purulent discharge due to Neisseria gonorrhoeae. granular u. SYN: follicular u.. nongonococcal u. u. not resulting from gonococcal infection; venereally transmitted Chlamydia trachomatis is the most common cause. nonspecific u. u. not resulting from gonococcal, chlamydial, or other specific infectious agents. SYN: simple u.. u. petrificans u., sometimes of gouty origin, in which there is a deposit of calcareous matter in the wall of the urethra. posterior u. inflammation of the membranous and prostatic portions of the urethra. simple u. SYN: nonspecific u..

urethro-, urethr-
The urethra. [G. ourethra]

urethrobulbar (u-re′thro-bul′bar)
SYN: bulbourethral.


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