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uterotubal (u′ter-o-too′bal)
Pertaining to the uterus and the uterine tubes.

uterotubography (u′ter-o-too-bog′ra-fe)
SYN: hysterosalpingography.

uterovaginal (u-ter-o-vaj′i-nal)
Relating to the uterus and the vagina.

uteroventral (u′ter-o-ven′tral)
SYN: uteroabdominal. [utero- + L. venter, belly]

uteroverdine (u′ter-o-ver′din)
Biliverdin from dog placenta.

uterovesical (u′ter-o-ves′i-kal)
Relating to the uterus and the urinary bladder.

uterus, pl .uteri (u′ter-us, u′ter-i) [TA]
The hollow muscular organ in which the impregnated ovum is developed into the child; it is about 7.5 cm in length in the nonpregnant woman, and consists of a main portion (body) with an elongated lower part (cervix), at the extremity of which is the opening (external os). The upper rounded portion of the u., opposite the os, is the fundus, at each extremity of which is the horn marking the part where the uterine tube joins the u. and through which the ovum reaches the uterine cavity after leaving the ovary. The organ is passively supported in the pelvic cavity by the cardinal ligaments and by the anteflexion and anteversion of the normal u., which places its mass superior to the bladder; it is actively supported by the tonic and phasic contraction of the muscles of the pelvic floor. SYN: metra, womb. [L.] u. acollis a u. with atresia or absence of the cervix. anomalous u. a malformed u. caused by abnormal development or fusion of the paramesonephric ducts. arcuate u. a u. with a depression at the fundus; an incomplete u. bicornis. SYN: u. arcuatus. u. arcuatus SYN: arcuate u.. bicornate u. a u. that is more or less completely divided into two lateral horns as a result of imperfect union of the paramesonephric ducts; it differs from septate u., in which there is no external mark of separation; in bicornate u., the cervix may be single (u. bicornis unicollis) or double (u. bicornis bicollis). SYN: bifid u., u. bicornis, u. bifidus. u. bicornis SYN: bicornate u.. u. bicornis bicollis bicornate u.. u. bicornis unicollis bicornate u.. bifid u. SYN: bicornate u.. u. bifidus SYN: bicornate u.. biforate u. septate u. in which the cervix is divided into two by a septum. SYN: double-mouthed u., u. biforis. u. biforis SYN: biforate u.. u. bilocularis SYN: septate u.. bipartite u. SYN: septate u.. u. bipartitus SYN: septate u.. cordiform u. an incomplete u. bicornis with a wedge-shaped depression at the fundus. SYN: heart-shaped u., u. cordiformis. u. cordiformis SYN: cordiform u.. Couvelaire u. extravasation of blood into the uterine musculature and beneath the uterine peritoneum in association with severe forms of abruptio placentae. SYN: uteroplacental apoplexy. u. didelphys double u. with double cervix and double vagina; due to failure of the paramesonephric ducts to unite. [G. di-, two, + delphys, womb] double-mouthed u. SYN: biforate u.. duplex u. any u. with double lumen (u. didelphys, u. bicornis bicollis, or septate u.). SYN: u. duplex. u. duplex SYN: duplex u.. gravid u. the condition of the u. in pregnancy. heart-shaped u. SYN: cordiform u.. incudiform u. u. bicornis in which the fundus between the two cornua is broad and flat. SYN: triangular u., u. incudiformis, u. triangularis. u. incudiformis SYN: incudiform u.. masculine u. SYN: prostatic utricle. u. masculinus SYN: prostatic utricle. one-horned u. obsolete term for unicorn u.. u. parvicollis a u. of normal size with an abnormal, disproportionately small cervix. septate u. a u. divided into two cavities by an anteroposterior septum. SYN: bipartite u., u. bilocularis, u. bipartitus, u. septus. u. septus SYN: septate u.. subseptate u. an incomplete u. septus. SYN: u. subseptus. u. subseptus SYN: subseptate u.. triangular u. SYN: incudiform u.. u. triangularis SYN: incudiform u.. unicorn u. a u. in which only one lateral half exists, the other half being undeveloped or absent. SYN: u. unicornis. u. unicornis SYN: unicorn u..

Abbreviation for urinary tract infection.

In biomedical ethics and clinical decision analysis, the satisfaction or economic advantage gained from the outcome that results from a particular decision.

Abbreviation for uridine 5′-triphosphate.

utricle (oo′tri-kl) [TA]
SYN: utriculus [TA] , sacculus communis. prostatic u. [TA] a minute pouch in the prostate that opens on the summit of the seminal colliculus, the analog of the uterus and vagina in the female, being the remains of the fused caudal ends of the paramesonephric ducts. SYN: utriculus prostaticus [TA] , masculine uterus, Morgagni sinus (2) , sinus pocularis, uterus masculinus, vagina masculina, vesica prostatica, Weber organ. u. of vestibular labyrinth [TA] the larger of the two membranous sacs in the vestibule of the labyrinth, lying in the elliptical recess; from it arise the semicircular ducts.

utricular (u-trik′u-lar)
Relating to or resembling a utricle.

utriculi (oo-trik′u-li)
Plural of utriculus.

utriculitis (u-trik-u-li′tis)
Inflammation of the internal ear. [utriculus + G. -itis, inflammation]

utriculosaccular (u-trik′u-lo-sak′u-lar)
Relating to the utricle and the saccule of the labyrinth, denoting especially a duct connecting the two structures.

utriculus, pl .utriculi (oo′trik′u-lus, -li) [TA]
SYN: utricle. SEE ALSO: vestibular labyrinth. [L. dim. of uter, leather bag] u. prostaticus [TA] SYN: prostatic utricle.

utriform (u′tri-form)
Shaped like a leather bottle (wineskin). [L. uter, a skin bag, + forma, form]

UV, uv
Abbreviation for ultraviolet.

Abbreviation for ultraviolet A.

uvaeformis (u-ve-for′mis)
SYN: vascular lamina of choroid. [L. uva, grape, + forma, form]

uva ursi (oo′va er′si)
The dried leaves of Arctostaphylos uva-ursi (family Ericaceae), bearberry, mountain box, a common plant of the north temperate zone; contains antiseptic glycosides, arbutin, methylarbutin, and tannins; has been used in chronic inflammations of the urinary tract. [L. uva, grape + ursus, bear]

Abbreviation for ultraviolet B.

uvea (oo′ve-a)
SYN: vascular layer of eyeball. [L. uva, grape]

uveal (oo′ve-al)
Relating to the uvea.

uveitic (u-ve-it′ik)
Relating to the uvea.

uveitides (u-ve-it′i-dez)
Plural of uveitis.

uveitis, pl .uveitides (u-ve-i′tis, -it′i-dez)
Inflammation of the uveal tract: iris, ciliary body, and choroid. [uvea + G. -itis, inflammation] anterior u. inflammation involving the ciliary body and iris. Förster u. syphilitic inflammation, with diffuse nodules involving the choroid and retinal vasculitis. Fuchs u. SYN: heterochromic u.. heterochromic u. anterior u. and depigmentation of the iris. SYN: Fuchs u.. intermediate u. a u. that is neither anterior nor posterior but tends to involve the pars plana and the ciliary body. lens-induced u. SYN: phacoanaphylactic u.. phacoanaphylactic u. intraocular inflammation occurring after extracapsular cataract extraction;probably an immune reaction to the patient's liberated lenticular proteins. SYN: lens-induced u.. phacogenic u. u. secondary to hypermature cataract. posterior u. SYN: choroiditis. sympathetic u. a bilateral inflammation of the uveal tract caused by a perforating wound of one eye that injures the uvea.

uveoencephalitis (u′ve-o-en-sef-a-li′tis)
SYN: Harada syndrome.

uveoscleritis (u′ve-o-skle-ri′tis)
Inflammation of the sclera involved by extension from the uvea.

uviform (oo′vi-form)
SYN: botryoid. [L. uva, grape, + forma, form]

uviofast (u′ve-o-fast)
Not weakened or destroyed by subjection to ultraviolet radiation. SYN: uvioresistant. [uviol (ultraviolet), + fast]

uviol (u′ve-ol)
A special kind of glass more than usually transparent to ultraviolet or actinic rays, e.g., crystalline quartz. [ultraviolet]

uviometer (u-ve-om′e-ter)
An instrument for measuring ultraviolet radiation. [uviol (ultraviolet), + meter]

uvioresistant (u′ve-o-re-zis′tant)
SYN: uviofast.

uviosensitive (u′ve-o-sen′si-tiv)
Sensitive to ultraviolet rays. [uviol (ultraviolet) + sensitive]

uvitex 2B
A fluorescent stain that reacts with chitin; useful in the diagnosis of microsporidian or cryptosporidium infections.

uvomorulin (u-vo-mo′roo-lin)
A transmembrane protein that links plasma membranes of adjacent cells together in a Ca2+-dependent manner; aids in maintaining the rigidity of the cell layer. SYN: E-cadherin. [L. uva, bunch of grapes, + Mod. L. morula, dim. of L. morum, fr. G. moron, mulberry, + -in]

See uvulo-.

uvula, pl .uvuli (u′vu-la, -li) [TA]
An appendant fleshy mass; a structure bearing a fancied resemblance to the palatine u.. [Mod. L. dim. of L. uva, a grape, the u.] bifid u. bifurcation of the u., constituting a partially cleft soft palate. u. of bladder [TA] a slight projection into the cavity of the bladder, usually more prominent in old men, just behind the urethral opening, marking the location of the middle lobe of the prostate. SYN: u. vesicae [TA] , Lieutaud u.. u. cerebelli SYN: u. [TA] of cerebellum. u. [TA] of cerebellum a triangular elevation on the vermis of the cerebellum, lying between the two tonsils anterior to the pyramis. SYN: u. cerebelli, u. vermis. Lieutaud u. SYN: u. of bladder. u. palatina [TA] SYN: u. of soft palate. palatine u. SYN: u. of soft palate. u. of soft palate [TA] a conical projection from the posterior edge of the middle of the soft palate, composed of connective tissue containing a number of racemose glands, and some muscular fibers (uvulae muscle). SYN: u. palatina [TA] , palatine u., pendulous palate. u. vermis SYN: u. [TA] of cerebellum. u. vesicae [TA] SYN: u. of bladder.

uvulaptosis (u′vu-lap-to′sis)
SYN: uvuloptosis.

uvular (u′vu-lar)
Relating to the uvula.

uvularis (u′vu-la′ris)
SYN: muscle of uvula.

uvulatome (u′vu-la-tom)
SYN: uvulotome.

uvulectomy (u-vu-lek′to-me)
Excision of the uvula. SYN: staphylectomy. [uvula + G. ektome, excision]

uvulitis (u-vu-li′tis)
Inflammation of the uvula.

uvulo-, uvul-
The uvula. SEE ALSO: staphylo-. [L. uvula]

uvulopalatopharyngoplasty (u′vu-lo-pal′a-to-fa-rin′go-plas-te)
SYN: palatopharyngoplasty.

uvulopalatoplasty (u′vu-lo-pal′a-to-plas-te)
SYN: palatoplasty.

uvuloptosis (u′vu-lop-to′sis)
Relaxation or elongation of the uvula. SYN: falling palate, staphylodialysis, staphyloptosis, uvulaptosis. [uvulo- + G. ptosis, a falling]

uvulotome (u′vu-lo-tom)
An instrument for cutting the uvula. SYN: uvulatome.

uvulotomy (u-vu-lot′o-me)
Any cutting operation on the uvula. [uvulo- + G. tome, a cutting]


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