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Arbitration - Azoic

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7389 Arbitration and conciliation services
3542 Arbor presses-mfg
8422 Arboreta
0783 Arborist services
3545 Arbors (machine tool accessories)-mfg
3845 Arc lamp units, electrotherapeutic: except infrared and ultraviolet-mfg
3648 Arc lamps, except electrotherapeutic-mfg
3648 Arc lighting fixtures-mfg
3548 Arc welding generators-mfg
3548 Arc-welder transformers (separate)-mfg
3548 Arc-welders, transformer-rectifier-mfg
3548 Arc-welding generators, a.c. and d.c.-mfg
7993 Arcades, amusement
3842 Arch supports, orthopedic-mfg
8733 Archeological expeditions
3949 Archery equipment-mfg
5091 Archery equipment-wholesale
7999 Archery ranges, operation of
2439 Arches, laminated lumber-mfg
5049 Architects' equipment and supplies-wholesale
3271 Architectural block, concrete: e.g., fluted, screen, split, slump, ground face-mfg
8712 Architectural engineering services
3446 Architectural metalwork, ferrous and nonferrous-mfg
5039 Architectural metalwork-wholesale
3299 Architectural sculptures, plaster of paris: factory production only-mfg
3299 Architectural sculptures: gypsum, clay or papier mache-mfg
8712 Architectural services
1761 Architectural sheet metalwork-contractors
5999 Architectural supplies-retail
3259 Architectural terra cotta-mfg
3021 Arctics, rubber or rubber soled fabric-mfg
3648 Area and sports luminaries-mfg
3272 Areaways, basement window: concrete-mfg
7941 Arenas, boxing and wrestling (sports promotion): professional
1411 Argillite, dimension-quarrying
2813 Argon-mfg
2389 Arm bands, elastic-mfpm-mfg
3625 Armature relays-mfg
7694 Armature rewinding
3621 Armatures, industrial-mfg
3694 Armatures, motor vehicle-mfg
3483 Arming and fusing devices for missiles-mfg
3462 Armor plate, forged iron and steel: not made in rolling mills-mfg
3312 Armor plate, made in steel works or rolling mills-mfg
3357 Armored cable or conductor, nonferrous-mfpm-mfg
7381 Armored car service
9711 Army
2911 Aromatic chemicals, made in petroleum refineries-mfg
5169 Aromatic chemicals-wholesale
4729 Arrangement of carpools and vanpools
3643 Arrestors and coils, lightning-mfg
3949 Arrows, archery-mfg
2879 Arsenates: calcium, copper, and lead-formulated-mfg
1479 Arsenic mineral mining
2879 Arsenites, formulated-mfg
7335 Art and illustration, commercial
3269 Art and ornamental ware, pottery-mfg
8699 Art councils
5999 Art dealers-retail
8412 Art galleries, not primarily selling
3231 Art glass, made from purchased glass-mfg
3229 Art glassware, made in glassmaking plants-mfg
3299 Art goods: plaster of paris, papier-mache, and scagliola-mfg
5199 Art goods-wholesale
3272 Art marble, concrete-mfg
2395 Art needlework-mfpm-mfg
8999 Art restoration
8249 Art schools, commercial
8299 Art schools, except commercial
2273 Art squares, textile fiber-mfg
2273 Art squares: twisted paper, grass, reed, coir, sisal, jute, and rag-mfg
2033 Artichokes in olive oil, canned-mfg
3999 Artificial and preserved flowers, foliage, fruits, and vines: except glass-mfg
3999 Artificial flower arrangements-mfg
5999 Artificial flowers-retail
5193 Artificial flowers-wholesale
3812 Artificial horizon instrumentation-mfg
0752 Artificial insemination services: animal specialties
0751 Artificial insemination services: livestock
5999 Artificial limb stores-retail
8999 Artificial nucleation (cloud seeding)
1799 Artificial turf installation-contractors
3483 Artillery ammunition and component parts, more than 30 mm. (or more than 1.18 inch)-mfg
3489 Artillery parts for artillery more than 30 mm. (or more than 1.18 inch)-mfg
3489 Artillery, more than 30 mm. (or more than 1.18 inch): aircraft, antiaircraft, field, naval, and tank-mfg
7389 Artists' agents and brokers, except performing artists
3991 Artists' brushes, hand-mfg
3952 Artists' materials, except drafting instruments-mfg
5199 Artists' materials-wholesale
8999 Artists' studios, except commercial and medical
5999 Artists' supply and material stores-retail
7336 Artists, commercial
8999 Artists, except commercial and medical
8099 Artists, medical
3292 Asbestos cement products: e.g., siding, pressure pipe, conduits, ducts-mfg
1499 Asbestos mining
2621 Asbestos paper and asbestos filled paper-mitse-mfg
3292 Asbestos products: except packing and gaskets-mfg
2323 Ascots: men's and boys'-mfpm-mfg
3469 Ashcans, stamped and pressed metal-mfg
4953 Ashes, collection and disposal of
3272 Ashlar, cast stone-mfg
3229 Ashtrays, glass-mfg
3269 Ashtrays, pottery-mfg
3469 Ashtrays, stamped metal-mfg
0161 Asparagus farms
2869 Aspartome-mfg
1499 Asphalt (native) mining
2911 Asphalt and asphaltic materials: liquid and solid-produced in petroleum refineries-mfg
2951 Asphalt and asphaltic mixtures for paving, not made in refineries-mfg
5033 Asphalt felts and coatings-wholesale
3292 Asphalt floor tile-mfg
5032 Asphalt mixtures-wholesale
2851 Asphalt paints-mfg
2621 Asphalt paper: laminated-mitse-mfg
2951 Asphalt paving blocks, not made in petroleum refineries-mfg
1611 Asphalt paving: roads, public sidewalks, and streets-contractors
3531 Asphalt plants, including travel-mix type-mfg
1499 Asphalt rock mining
2952 Asphalt roof cement-mfpm-mfg
5033 Asphalt roofing-wholesale
2952 Asphalt saturated board-mfpm-mfg
2621 Asphalt sheathing-mitse-mfg
1752 Asphalt tile installation-contractors
3996 Asphalted felt-base floor coverings-mfg
2951 Asphaltic concrete, not made in petroleum refineries-mfg
1771 Asphalting of private driveways and private parking areas-contractors
8734 Assaying services
3711 Assembling complete automobiles, trucks, commercial cars, and buses-mfg
2531 Assembly hall furniture-mfg
3549 Assembly machines, e.g., rotary transfer, in-line transfer, special purpose: including robotic-mfg
6321 Assessment associations, accident and health insurance
6351 Assessment associations, surety and fidelity insurance
6331 Assessment associations: fire, marine, and casualty insurance
6311 Assessment life insurance organizations
2843 Assistants, textile and leather processing-mfg
6331 Associated factory mutuals, fire and marine insurance
2834 Astringents, medicinal-mfg
7999 Astrologers
3949 Athletic and sporting goods: except clothing, footwear, small arms, and ammunition-mfg
8699 Athletic associations-regulatory only
2329 Athletic clothing: men's and boys'-mfpm-mfg
1629 Athletic field construction-general contractors
7941 Athletic field operation (sports promotion)
5139 Athletic footwear-wholesale
5091 Athletic goods, except apparel and footwear-wholesale
5941 Athletic goods-retail
5661 Athletic shoe stores-retail
3149 Athletic shoes, except rubber-mfg
2252 Athletic socks-mfg
2339 Athletic uniforms: women's, misses', and juniors'-mfg
2752 Atlases, lithographed-mfg
2741 Atlases: publishing and printing, or publishing only-mfg
3699 Atom smashers (particle accelerators)-mfg
3443 Atomic waste casks-mfg
3842 Atomizers, medical-mfg
3999 Atomizers, other than medical-mfg
2833 Atropine and derivatives-mfg
3161 Attache cases, regardless of material-mfg
3546 Attachments for portable drills-mfg
3679 Attenuators-mfg
3564 Attic fans-mfg
8111 Attorneys
9222 Attorneys general's offices
5999 Auction rooms (general merchandise)-retail
**** Auction, specialized-code according to product sold
7389 Auctioneering service on a commission or fee basis
5154 Auctioning livestock-wholesale
2517 Audio cabinets, wood-mfg
3695 Audio range tapes, blank-mfg
3651 Audio recorders and players: automotive and household-mfg
3825 Audiofrequency oscillators-mfg
3845 Audiological equipment, electromedical-mfg
8049 Audiologists, offices of
3825 Audiometers, except medical-mfg
7812 Audiovisual motion picture program production
8721 Auditing service, accounts
1542 Auditorium construction-general contractors
4731 Auditors, freight rate
3532 Auger mining equipment-mfg
1241 Auger mining services: bituminous coal, anthracite, and lignite on a contract basis
3423 Augers (edge tools)-mfg
8999 Authors
7389 Authors' agents and brokers
7011 Auto courts
7549 Auto emissions testing, without repairs
2241 Auto wind lace-mfg
3843 Autoclaves, dental-mfg
3842 Autoclaves, hospital and surgical-mfg
3443 Autoclaves, industrial-mfg
3821 Autoclaves, laboratory-mfg
3721 Autogiros-mfg
5999 Autograph and philatelist supply stores-retail
2761 Autographic register forms, printed-mfg
3845 Automated blood and body fluid analyzers, except laboratory-mfg
6099 Automated clearinghouses
3826 Automatic chemical analyzers, laboratory type-mfg
3541 Automatic chucking machines-mfg
7215 Automatic laundry
3812 Automatic pilots-mfg
3541 Automatic screw machines-mfg
3578 Automatic teller machines (ATM)-mfg
7537 Automatic transmission repair, automotive
5812 Automats (eating places)
5531 Automobile accessory dealers-retail
5511 Automobile agencies (dealers)-retail
5531 Automobile air-conditioning equipment, sale and installation-retail
5012 Automobile auction-wholesale
5531 Automobile battery dealers-retail
3711 Automobile bodies, passenger car-mfg
4226 Automobile dead storage
8299 Automobile driving instruction
5013 Automobile engine testing equipment, electrical-wholesale
5015 Automobile engines, used-wholesale or retail
6159 Automobile finance leasing
2273 Automobile floor coverings, except rubber or plastics-mfg
5013 Automobile glass-wholesale
3429 Automobile hardware-mfg
3052 Automobile hose, plastics or rubber-mfg
3792 Automobile house trailer chassis-mfg
6331 Automobile insurance
7515 Automobile leasing, except finance leasing: without drivers
3469 Automobile license tags, stamped metal-mfg
3534 Automobile lifts (elevators)-mfg
6141 Automobile loans (may include automobile insurance)
8699 Automobile owners' associations and clubs
5531 Automobile parts dealers-retail
5015 Automobile parts, used-wholesale or retail
2842 Automobile polishes-mfg
8734 Automobile proving and testing grounds
7389 Automobile recovery service
4119 Automobile rental with drivers
7514 Automobile rental, without drivers
7389 Automobile repossession service
2399 Automobile seat covers-mfg
3499 Automobile seat frames, metal-mfg
2531 Automobile seats-mfg
5013 Automobile service station equipment-wholesale
5541 Automobile service stations-retail
7389 Automobile shows, flower shows, and home shows: promoters of
3496 Automobile skid chains, made from purchased wire-mfg
3493 Automobile springs-mfg
5531 Automobile tire dealers-retail
5014 Automobile tires and tubes-wholesale
3799 Automobile trailer chassis, except travel trailer-mfg
3799 Automobile trailers, except house and travel-mfg
2396 Automobile trimmings, fabric-mfg
3531 Automobile wrecker hoists-mfg
3713 Automobile wrecker-truck body-mfg
3944 Automobiles and trucks, toy-mfg
3711 Automobiles-mfg
3944 Automobiles, children's pedal driven-mfg
5511 Automobiles, new and used-retail
5521 Automobiles, used cars only-retail
5012 Automobiles-wholesale
5013 Automotive accessories-wholesale
5075 Automotive air-conditioners-wholesale
3825 Automotive ammeters and voltmeters-mfg
3357 Automotive and aircraft wire and cable, nonferrous-mfg
7532 Automotive body shops
7539 Automotive electrical service (battery and ignition repair)
5013 Automotive engines, new-wholesale
2211 Automotive fabrics, cotton-mfg
2221 Automotive fabrics, manmade fiber-mfg
3462 Automotive forgings, ferrous: not made in rolling mills-mfg
3463 Automotive forgings, nonferrous: not made in hot-rolling mills-mfg
7536 Automotive glass replacement and repair service
7549 Automotive inspection and diagnostic service
7532 Automotive interior shops
3647 Automotive lighting fixtures-mfg
3061 Automotive mechanical rubber goods: molded, extruded, and lathe-cut-mfg
7533 Automotive mufflers, sale and installation
7532 Automotive paint shops
5013 Automotive parts, new -wholesale
7622 Automotive radio repair shops
7538 Automotive repair shops, general
7539 Automotive springs, rebuilding and repair
3465 Automotive stampings: e.g., fenders, tops, hub caps, body parts, trim-mfg
5013 Automotive stampings-wholesale
7539 Automotive starter and generator repair
5013 Automotive supplies-wholesale
7532 Automotive tops (canvas or plastic), installation, repair, or sales and installation
7549 Automotive towing service
7532 Automotive trim shops
7532 Automotive upholstery and trim shops
7542 Automotive washing and polishing
3714 Automotive wiring harness sets, except ignition-mfg
5093 Automotive wrecking for scrap-wholesale
3931 Autophones (organs with perforated music rolls)-mfg
3799 Autos, midget: power driven-mfg
3612 Autotransformers for switchboards, except telephone switchboards-mfg
3661 Autotransformers for telephone switchboards-mfg
3612 Autotransformers, electric (power transformers)-mfg
3572 Auxiliary computer storage units-mfg
0279 Aviaries (e.g., parakeet, canary, love birds)
7997 Aviation clubs, membership
8249 Aviation schools, excluding flying instruction
0179 Avocado orchards and farms
3423 Awls-mfg
1799 Awning installation-contractors
7699 Awning repair shops
5999 Awning shops-retail
2211 Awning stripes, cotton-mitse-mfg
2394 Awnings, fabric-mfpm-mfg
3089 Awnings, fiberglass and plastics combination-mfg
3444 Awnings, sheet metal-mfg
2431 Awnings, wood-mfg
5039 Awnings-wholesale
3423 Axes-mfg
3714 Axle housings and shafts, motor vehicle-mfg
7539 Axle straightening, automotive
3714 Axles, motor vehicle-mfg
3462 Axles, railroad: forged-not made in rolling mills-mfg
3312 Axles, rolled or forged: made in steel works or rolling mills-mfg
2273 Axminster carpets-mfg
2892 Azides (explosives)-mfg
2865 Azine dyes-mfg
2865 Azo dyes-mfg
2865 Azobenzene-mfg
2865 Azoic dyes-mfg

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