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The following list consists of the names of folders and/or documents pertaining to this case. The individual documents contained in each folder are listed in some cases, whereas in others only the name of the folder is shown.


The peculiar format is due to its original purpose as a catalog of physical documents in file drawers.


I hope to eventually scan/OCR and post most of these documents to this web site. The list is not complete. More documents will be added, including audio recordings, photographs and video.


New York


New York Miscellaneous


Peekskill PD

          Ossining PD

          Child Protective Services

          Court reporters


Family Court Miscellaneous


                        Proof of service

                             On Marc Domicello                            05/10/99

                             On Susan Samora                               05/10/99

                             On Robin Cotler                                 04/13/99

                             Fax re: service on M. Domicello          03/23/99

                             On Robin Cotler                                 01/30/99

                             On M. Domicello                                01/30/99

                             On Robin Cotler                                 01/28/99

                             On M. Domicello                                01/28/99

                             On M. Domicello                                01/19/99

                             On Robin Cotler                                 01/19/99

                             On M. Domicello                                12/17/98

                             On Robin Cotler                                 12/17/98



                   Father sheets


                   Mother sheets


                   Law guardian



                             Letter – Robin Cutler to Photius          05/03/99

                                      Fax – Photius to Cutler             Undated

                             Letter – Photius to Cutler                    05/13/98

                             Letter – Cotler to Photius                    08/25/97

                             Letter – Photius to Cutler                    07/26/97

                             Letter – Cotler to Braslow                   07/22/97

                             Letter – Cotler to Photius                    06/19/97


                   Law guardian Miscellaneous

                             Affirmation in response to Photius OSC       06/17/99

                             Affirmation opposing stay of order

                                                                   of protection                   06/1599

                             Notice of motion dated                                 02/10/99

                                      with supporting affirmation


                   List – Court approved supervisor

                             Handwritten note by Photius



                             Letter from Bell Atlantic in response

                                      to subpoena                              01/11/99

                             Subpoena Duces Tecum to Bell Atlantic

                                      issued by M. Domicello            12/01/98

                             Unsigned subpoenas  Duces Tecum to

                                      Paul Justice 

                             Subpoena to Pamela Rolfson-Braslow 11/09/98

                             Subpoena to Roger Burchell – issued

                                      by Braslow                               11/09/98

                             Subpoena to Teresa Ramos – Braslow         11/09/98

                             Subpoena to Frieda Moki – Braslow   11/09/98

                             Unsigned subpoena to Melanie Fitzgerald

                   Probation Dept.

                             Fax – Photius to Officer Rauso           12/21/99

                             Fax – Photius to Officer Rauso           06/14/99


          Correspondence with Family Court


                   From Family Court

                             Letter to Tomme Berg                        01/18/00

                             Letter from Garfein                             01/13/00

                             Letter from Judge Cooney                  12/15/99

                             Letter from Putnam Co.                      10/21/99

                             Form from Westchester Co.               08/09/99

                             Note from Susan D. Russo                 08/04/99

                             Letter from Tomme Berg                    07/26/99

                             Letter from W. Gallagher                    07/14/99

                             Letter from family court

                                      Re: subpoenas                          07/14/99

                             Notice to appear in court                    06/08/99

                             Letter from Judge Sweeney                 06/24/99

                             Handwritten note                                06/04/99

                             Letter from Judge Nicolei          05/28/99

                             Letter from Tomme Berg                    05/14/99

                             Letter from Berg to Scunders              04/26/99

                             Letter from Judge Scancerelli              11/12/98

                             Letter from Edmead                            09/02/98

                             Form                                                 08/31/98

                             Letter from Scancerelli                        04/24/98                         

                   To Family Court

                             Letter to Judge DiFiore                       03/20/00

                             Letter to Mr. Garfein                           01/13/00

                             Letter to Judge Cooney                       12/10/99

                             Fax to Carmen Campero                     10/03/99

                             Fax to Susan DeRusso                       08/09/99

                             Fax to DeRusso                                 08/05/99

                             Fax to DeRusso                                 08/03/99

                             Letter to Sweeney                               06/23/99

                             Fax to Judge Cooney                          06/08/99

                             Letter to G. Murray                            06/03/99

                             Letter to G. Murray                            06/02/99

                             Letter to Judge Cooney                       06/02/99

                             Fax to DeRusso                                 06/01/99

                             Fax to Judge Nicolei                           05/26/99

                             Fax to Diane Kerr                               05/24/99     

                             Fax to Judge Nicolei                           05/21/99

                             Fax to Tomme Berg                           05/18/99

                             Fax to Tomme Berg                           05/04/99

                             Fax to Edmead / DeRusso                  04/19/99

                             Fax to Sandy Saunders                       04/02/99

                             Letter to Braslow                                03/24/99

                             Fax to Judge Cooney                          01/27/99

                             Letter to Farina                                   12/04/98

                             Fax to DeRusso / Edmead                  12/03/98

                             Letter with subpoenas to Braslow        11/22/98

                             Fax to DeRusso                                 11/20/98

                             Fax to Federici                                   11/20/98

                             Letter to Braslow                                11/16/98

                             Letter to Judge Scancerelli                  11/06/98

                             Fax to DeRusso                                 11/05/98     

                             Fax to DeRusso                                 11/02/98

                             Letter to Judge Braslow                      10/16/98

                             Letter to Judge Scancerelli                  10/16/98

                             Letter to Judge Scancerelli                  08/31/98

                             Fax to DeRusso                                 08/27/98

                             Fax to Family Court                           05/18/98

                             Letter to Scancerelli                            04/24/98

                             Fax to Braslow                                   03/17/98


                   Letters to Administrative Judge

                             Fax with a attachments                        10/30/00

                             Fax to Judge Nicolei                           12/24/99

                             Letter to Tomme Berg                        07/28/99

                             Fax to Tomme Berg                           07/12/99

                             Letter to Tomme Berg                        07/07/99

                             Fax to Judge Nicolei                           05/26/99

                             Fax to Tomme Berg                           05/18/99

                             Fax to Tomme Berg                           04/22/99

                             Letter to Federici                                03/26/99

                             Letter to Federici                                03/24/99

                             Letter to Judge Scancerelli                  11/06/98


          Correspondence with Lawyers


                   Lester Forrest


                   Marc Domicello


                   Jan Zager


                   Richard Strassfield


                   Feldman & Feldman


Work - Product

                             Draft Petitions

                             My Testimony

                             Susan’s Testimony

                             Draft affidavits petition

                             Notes for testimony


          Oregon Depositions

                             Jonathan M. Vote                               08/13/97

                             Kevin J. Sullivan MD                         

                             Vickie Ann Anders                             12/24/96

                             Toni Francis Hulse                             12/30/96

                             Helen Skouteli MD                    12/04/96

                             Karen Jane Vering                               09/08/97

                             Barbara Kozol                                    09/04/97


          NY DOCKETS


                   X 748-00


                             2 Discs                                              04/31/00     

                             Medical records                                 06/31/00


                             Notice of appeal in court on                07/27/00

                             Transcript of hearing                          07/27/00

                             Transcript of hearing                          07/14/00

                             Transcript of hearing                          10/02/00

                             Affidavit of service of

                                      Notice of deposition                 09/08/00

                                      Notice of deposition                 09/05/00

                             Request for interrogatories                  09/05/00


                             Modification petition

                             Affidavit of service and summons

                                      of request for interrogatories     09/08/00

                             Affidavit of service                             07/18/00

                                      By Irene Coutsoukis                 06/10/00

                             Affidavit of service                             05/25/00

                             Subpoenas (unsigned)

                             For Dr Rathnam , Paul Freed

                                      And Dr. Handelsman                

                             Subpoena For Dr Rothman                 10/19/00



                             Petition for modification



                             Examples of written interrogatories

                             Notice to take deposition

                             Notice for discovery and inspection



                             Photius – Hearing prep

                             Photius – notes taken at hearing



                             Ileen Finkelstein Carter

                             Mother makes ravaged child a pawn


                             Nina Bernstein

                             NY foster care forgets the fathers



                             Notice of motion to compel discovery &     

                                      Affidavit in support                   10/01/00

                                    Notice of  motion to correct transcript &

                                      Supporting affidavit                  08/11/00

                             Notice of motion to dismiss petition &

                                      Supporting papers                    05/10/99

                             Notice of motion for written order       08/11/99

                             Affidavit in support of motion to

                                      Compel compliance records      08/11/99

                             Affidavit of service                             08/11/99

                             Notice for written order                      07/16/99

With supporting affidavit and affidavit of service


                   Notice of motion to recuse Judge with

                             supporting affidavit exhibits and

                             affidavit of service                    05/10/00


                   Notice of motion to compel discovery with

                             supporting affidavit and

                             affidavit of service                    06/16/00     



                   Letter – Strassfield to Photius             12/06/00

                   Letter – Susan to Strassfield               11/30/00

                   Letter – Strassfield to Atlantic Process Serving      

                   Letter – Strassfield to Photius             10/23/00

                   Letter – Strassfield to Judge DiFiore    10/19/00

                   Letter – Strassfield to Judge DiFiore    10/13/00

                   Letter – Strassfield to Judge DiFiore    10/06/00

                   Letter – Court to Photius                    10/05/00

                   Letter – Susan to Judge DiFiore          09/28/00

                   Letter – Photius to Judge DiFiore        09/27/06

                   Letter – Photius to Judge DiFiore        09/11/00

                   Letter – Court to Photius                    08/11/00

                   Fax – Photius to Judge DiFiore           06/15/00


              Decisions/orders of Judge DiFiore

                   Denying motion re: deposition             11/02/00

                   Ordering correct transcript                  11/02/00

                   Denying motion re: records                 10/03/00

                   Denying motion to compel                  09/26/00

                   Denying recusal                                  09/26/00

                   Denying written order                         09/25/00

                   Denying motion to compel discovery  07/13/00

                   Denying motion for recusal                 06/26/00               


                   X 375-00


                   X 03150-99

                             Short Order                                        05/07/99

                             Esther R. Furman Hearing Examiner


                   X 2743-99

                             One packet of documents:

                                      Affidavit of service

                                      Objections to the order

                                      Notice of motion returnable       04/01/99

                                      Letter Photius to court              03/27/99

                                      Together with supporting papers

                                            Including Photius affidavit   03/16/99


                   F 942-99

                             Petition of Photius                              07/26/99

                             Notice of court hearing

                             Financial disclosure affidavits


                   V 1660-99

                             Proof of service

                             Photius Affidavit                                12/08/99

                             In support of motion to dismiss

                             Order – Judge Edlitz                           12/16/99


                   X 820-99

Correspondence: Photius, Susan, Attorney Tom Burniston, Attorney Schiller, and the Judge.

                                       - Notice to take deposition

- Motion on attorneys


Notice of motion to reinstate

          Appointed attorneys        07/09/99


Petitioner’s affidavit in support  07/09/99

Exhibits to motion

Typewritten notes on draft

Letter Domicello to Sweeney     06/21/99

Affidavit of service                   06/10/99

Order to show cause

Order to show cause with

          supporting papers           05/19/99

- Motion – recusal

Notice of motion                      07/08/99

Supporting affidavit                 07/08/99

- Orders

Order enforcing visitation         10/05/99

Order appointing law guardian  06/24/99


X 692-99

          Decision and order of dismissal

                   of Judge Conney                       05/14/99



X 670-99

          Order of withdrawal                            06/22/99

          Order to show cause                          06/09/99

                   Signed by Judge Sweeney

          Affidavit of service – Robin Cutler      06/10/99

          Affidavit of service – M. Domicello     06/10/99

          Motion to correct record                    10/16/99


                   X 669-99

                             Summons and petition returnable         06/22/99

                             Decision and order – Judge Cooney    05/18/99

                             Order of withdrawal – Sweeney          06/22/99

                             Order settling transcript                      12/07/99


                   X 668-99

                             Decision and order of Judge Cooney   05/17/99


                   V 493-99

                             Order to show cause

                                      signed by Judge Tolbert            04/15/99

                             Affidavit of service

                                      Always Dependable                  04/19/99

                             Amended petition                               04/27/99

                             Decision and order – Judge Braslow   04/28/99


                   X 375-99    

                             Decision and order – Judge Braslow   04/26/99


                   X 307-99

                             Order to show Cause                          03/12/99

                             Signed by Judge Tolbert                     03/12/99

                             Decision and order – Judge Braslow   03/19/99

                             Letter – Photius to Braslow                 03/24/99

                             Request for transcript                         03/22/99


                   X 128-99

                             Decision and order – Judge Braslow   02/22/99




                   F 61-99

                             Child Support transmittal                    01/17/99

                             Notice of registration of out-of-state

                                      Support order                           01/21/99

                             Income execution

                                      Order of Judge Braslow            04/22/99


                   X 2109-98

                             Decision and order of Judge Braslow  01/11/99

                             Decision and order denying motion     UNDATED 

                             Decision and order – Judge Braslow   03/01/99


                   V 1284-98

                             Petition                                              09/16/98

                             Order to show cause

                                      Signed by Judge Braslow          09/18/98


                             Order of dismissal – Braslow              12/08/98

                             Notice of appeal                                 12/11/98


                   X 1186-98

                             Decision and order – Braslow             07/31/98


                   O 972-98

                             - Petition

                             Summons issued                                09/25/98

                             Petition / family offense

                             Amended petition                               11/25/98

- Motions

                             Notice of motion and affidavit for removal

                                      of law guardian                         01/27/99

                             Supplement Affidavit                          02/11/99

                             Notice of motion and affidavit  

                                      to reschedule hearing                 02/16/99

                             Notice of motion and order to show cause

                                      polygraph tests                         02/22/99

                             Notice of motion and supporting papers

                                      correction of transcript              02/22/99     

                             Notice of motion – reassign counsel    03/23/99


                             Notice of motion and affidavit

motion to hand over

reporters notes                         05/10/99

                             Notice of motion to re-argue

                                      and supporting papers               05/10/99


                             Notice of motion and supporting papers

                                      suspended sentence                  05/10/99


                             - Proof of service

                             On M. Domicello and Robin Cutler

                                      Supplemental affidavit               02/11/99

                             On Cotler and on M. Domicello

                                      Notice of motion                       03/23/99

                             On Cotler – notice of motion              05/10/99

                             On Domicello – notice of motion        05/19/99

                             On Cotler – notice of appeal               06/07/99

                             On Domicello – notice of appeal         06/07/99

                             On Rolfson – Always Dependable      11/12/98


                             - Miscellaneous

                             Article – feminism and child abuse law

                             Article – Hedessch and Judge Braslow


                             -Hearing of                                         01/12/98

                             Proposed statement

                             Phone messages

                             Calls to Susan      

                             Typewritten notes



                             Judge Braslow’s decision                             04/21/99



                             Temporary order of protection            09/25/98

                             Order of protection                            05/27/98

                             Order of disposition                           05/27/98


                             -Notice of appeal                                06/06/98


                   F 306-98

                             Financial disclosure                            05/07/98

                             Affidavit with supporting papers        


                   V 661-98

                             Summons                                           05/11/98

                             Petition for modification  of another court’s order

                             Affidavit of service –

                                       Always Dependable                 05/18/98

                             Decision and order – Braslow             06/19/98

                             Notice of appeal and RADI


                   V 511-98

                             Summons and petition

                                       for modification                       04/09/98

                             Affidavit of service for –

                                      Always Dependable                  04/15/98

                             Letter – Photius to Braslow                 05/13/98

                             -Decision and order

                             Notice of appeal                                 05/21/98


                   X 163-98

                             Summons and petition                        01/29/98

                             Affidavit of service                             02/09/98

                             Order of dismissal                              03/16/98

                             Notice of appeal                                


                   X 1005-97

                             Order to show cause                          03/16/97

                             Supporting papers signed by Judge Tolbert  

                             Transcripts of hearing                         09/09/97


                   X 801-97

                             Summons and petition                        06/11/97

                             Temporary order of protection            06/11/97

                             Transcript of hearing                          06/12/97

                             Consent to change attorney                 08/05/97

                             Draft affidavit of Edward N. Bright

                             Letter – Markus to Zager                    06/19/97

                             Fax – Photius to Zager                       07/27/97


                   V 734-97

                             Summons and petition                        06/11/97

                             Affidavit of service                            

                             Transcript of hearings                         06/12/98


                   O 460-97

                             Summons and petition                        05/16/97

                             Letter from Markus with temporary

                                      order of protection                    06/12/97

                             Judicial Subpoena issued by

                                      M. Domicello                            07/15/97

                             Transcripts of hearings                       06/10/97


                             Order of protection                            09/09/97                         

          Documents Formerly in Accordion File-



1999 Transcripts (Documents formally in accordion file)


                   Dec. 3, 1999

                   July      1999

                   Show cause hearing

                   June 22, 1999

                   April 30, 1999

                   March 22, 1999

                   January 12, 1999


1997-98 Transcripts


                        December 1, 1998

                   October 29, 1998

                   October 13, 1998

                   September 25, 1998

                   May 29, 1998

                   April 16, 1998 - stipulation

                   March 17, 1998

                   February 18, 1998

                   September 9, 1997

                   June 10-12 1997




          Two files

                   Files with post-its

                   File of bonded exhibits   




          Oregon I


                   Medford PD

                             Fax – Photius to Officer Johnson                 11/26/98

                             Letter – Photius to Chief                              11/23/98

                             Incident report                                             11/09/98

                             Letter – Photius to Chief                              10/26/98

                             Fax – Photius to Officer Johnson                 10/20/98



                             Rough draft – time line


                             Petition for dissolution of marriage

                             Summons and certificate of residence           10/06/94

                             Response                                                    11/18/94

                   Certificates of service

                   Proof of service

                             Cristina – motions                                        08/12/98

                             Court reporter – transcripts                          07/13/98

                             Cristina – memorandum                               06/22/98

                             Beth Lori – motions                                     10/06/97     

                             Beth Lori – motions                                     09/26/97

                             Beth Lori – motions                                     09/22/97

                             Beth Lori – motions                                     07/23/97

                             Beth Lori – motions                                     07/22/97

                             Beth Lori – motions                                     08/26/96

                             Proof of service of summons                       10/11/94                          Oregon court schedule                         

                   Deposition notices

                             Respondent’s notice of

                                       perpetuation deposition                      08/05/97

                             Notice of deposition                                     11/26/96

                   Marriage certificate

                   Financial statements

                   Financial agreements

                   Notice of deposition


                             Barbara Kozol                                              06/--/98

                             Sue A. Christiansen                                      09/21/98

                             David Miller

                             Ann Baxter

                   Proof of service of Subpoena   

                             On Barbara Kozol                                        04/28/98

                             On Barbara Kozol                                        08/14/98

                             On Sue Christiansen                                     08/13/98

                             On David Miller                                           08/17/98

                             On Orcham Fischer                                      09/25/96

                             On Bonnie Farrell                                         09/25/96

                             Blank forms for subpoena

                             Envelope – Miller to ACP investigations

                                      with note                                            08/19/98                          Oregon Court proceedings                             

                             notice of scheduled court proceedings

                             Excerpts from Oregon court rules      

                   Financial statements

                             Susan’s financial statement

                             Support computation worksheet

                   Financial agreements

                             Marital financial agreement

                             Addendum to marital financial agreement

                             Letter from Photius to Susan

                                      Re: Financial agreement                      01/13/94


                             Order pursuant to mediation agreement

                                      Judge Sawyer                                     12/12/96

                             Mediation agreement

                             Order continuing trial

                                      Referring parties to mediation              01/29/96

                             Photius – request & affidavit for mediation   12/07/95

                   Restraining order


                   Trial memorandum

                             Petitioner’s trial memorandum                      09/11/97

                             Respondent’s trial memorandum                  09/11/97



          Drafts and notes

                   Judge Srnold’s notes

                   My testimony

                             Draft – hearing memorandum

                                      Opening statement

                   Notes for my testimony

                   Notes on 09/12/97 hearing

                   Susan’s testimony

                             Questions for Susan

                   Draft affidavits – Photius


                   Oregon court proceedings

                   Oregon child support

                   To police chief


          Correspondence with court


                   From Oregon court

                             To Beth Lori                                                05/17/00

                             To Photius & Cristina Sonz                          06/04/98

                                                Re: Respondent’s motion to change custody

                             To Judge Braslow                                        05/26/98

                             To Photius and Cristina Sonz                       04/14/98

                             Fax to Photius                                             12/29/97

                             Photocopy of envelope postmarked              04/02/98

                   To Oregon court

                             Photius – fax to Andrea                                02/03/98

                             Photius – letter to trial court clerk                 11/19/97

                             Enclosing Susan’s New York Action   and your receipt

                             Pat Crain to Shirley Penney                          05/15/97

                             Pat Crain to Shirley Penny                            UNDATED 

                   To Judge Arnold

                             Letter                                                           06/12/98

                             Letter                                                           05/07/98

                             Fax                                                              05/01/98

                             Fax letter                                                     03/09/98

                             Letter                                                           02/19/98

                             Fax                                                              02/03/98

                             Fax (2)                                                        02/02/98

                             Fax                                                              01/30/98

                             Fax                                                              01/22/98

                             Fax                                                              12/24/97

                             Fax with affidavits and exhibits                     12/23/97

                             Fax (2)                                                        12/18/97

                             Fax with attachments                                    12/09/97

                             Fax                                                              12/03/97

                             Fax with attachments                                    12/02/97

                             Fax                                                              11/24/97

                             Letter                                                           11/19/97

                             Fax                                                              08/06/97                                                               

          Correspondence with Beth Lori


                   To Beth Lori

                   From Beth Lori


          Correspondence with Pat Crain


                   To Pat Crain

                   From Pat Crain


          Correspondence with other lawyers


                   To Jerry Jacobson

                   From Jerry Jacobson

                   Clayton Patrick


          Correspondence with Cristina Sanz


                   To Cristina Sanz

                   From Cristina Sanz


          Christina Oregon Bar


          Susan’s Oregon motions


                   Motion for discovery

                   Motion for restraining order

                   Motion to postpone contempt

                   Show cause proceedings

                   Motions re: venue and jurisdiction

                   Motion to waive fees


          Photius motions I


                   Motions 1996

                   Motions 1997

                   Motions 1998


          Photius motions II


                   Motion for contempt

                   Motion re: medical records

                   Motion for names and address of medical providers

                   Motion for change of venue

                   Motion for postponement of trial

                   Objections to form of judgment

                   Motion for reconsideration pursuant to UCCJA


          Photius motion for a new trial


                   New trial: rules

                   Motion for a new trial

                   New trial hearing notes


          Oregon court orders


                   Orders on motions

                   Order denying new trial

                   Custody order

                   Divorce decree


          Transcript of proceedings – September 12, 1997


                   October 17, 1994 and October 7, 1997


                   February 20, 1998


                    November 24, 1997


                    September 30, 1996


          Oregon exhibits




          Oregon Court of Appeals


                   Notice of appeal


                   Oregon Appeal – miscellaneous


                        Court orders


          Oregon appeal


          NY appeals


          NY article 78


          Teddy – educational




          Oregon appeal – Draft briefs


          Oregon child support


          Affidavits of others


          Photius notes


          Correspondence with Susan


                   From Susan

                   To Susan




          Teddy’s certificate


          Children’s school



                                      Progress reports, evaluations

                                      Correspondence with Fran Parcaro


          Ossining public schools


          Day care instructions


          Park school


          Joanne Sabato





                   Human rights


          NY appellate division – consolidated appeals

                                      No.    98-06620




                                                          Notice of appeal


                                                          Proof of service


                                                          Court rules




                             NY Appellate Division

                                      No.    99-05230


                                                          Affidavit of service

                                                          Order to show cause



                             NY Appellate Division

                                      No. 98-11277


                                                          Record on appeal

                                                          Draft brief




                             NY Supreme Court

                                      Article 78 Coutsoukis vs. Nicoloi

                                                Index no. 4902/00


                                                          Correspondence with court




                             NY Supreme Court

                                      Article 78 Coutsoukis Vs. Cooney

                                                Index no. 2156/00


                             Small Claims Court


          Susan’s California Petition


                             District Court of Appeal – Florida





                                                Greek Miscellaneous





          Medical I                       


                                                West. Co. Medical Center

                                                Ketagenic diet

                                                Medford clinic


                                                Catalina pt

                                                Dr. Craig Hoyt

                                                Dr. Helen Skouteli

                                                Dr. Christiasen


                                                Blythesdale Children’s Hospital


          Medical II


                                                Jen O’Brien

                                                Dr. Handelsman

                                                Briarcliff Pediatric

                                                Dr. Felsenstein

                                                Dr. Magenis

                                                Dr. Haddad


                                                Dr. Steven King


                                                Babies and Children’s Hospital

                                                Dr. Diane Williams


          Medical III




                                                Presbyterian Hospital

                                                NY Hospital

                                                St. Agnes Hospital


          Dr. Kane



                                                Child development center

                                                To CDC


          Rogue Valley


          Dr. Bloom


          Dr. Devivo


          Dr. Germenikos


          Dr. David Oas


          Dr. Wojcik





Malpractice case


                             Oregon Federal District Court




                                                Re: Barbara Kozel

                                                Legal research

                                                Notes for testimony


                                                Findings and objections





                                                Production of documents

                                                Response to discovery




                                                Defendants’ summary judgment motion

                                                Other motions



          Bankruptcy case


                                                Bankruptcy court

                                                Tax return


          Beer Creek Corp and AT&T