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    Subject: Law Clerk Mary Chapyak

    Mary Chapyak is a Judge in Buchanan Village, Westchester County. She's about

    age 38 now. I filed a SMALL CLAIMS action against Ossining Village (for $575.31) and ended up in front of Judge Chapyak. I have NEVER seen a Judge operate the way she did. She treated me like trash, and practically kissed the defendant's attorney whenever he walked in the court room. Judge Mary Chapyak allowed ALL of the defendant's motions: Pre-Trial Conference with Court Reporter, interrogatories, Bill of Particular, Discovery, etc. When I asked for certain documents in a Discovery Motion and the documents were not provided, Judge Chapyak told me "You have a enough papers. You don't need anymore".

    I had credible witnessess -- a School Board Trustee and an ex-Village Trustee as examples, yet Judge Chapyak ignored and disregarded their testimony in her final decision.

    My case was heard in October, 1998 and since that time I have been waiting for Judge Chapyak to return my evidence --original tax papers, cancelled checks, etc. In fact, no less than three documents I put into evidence could not be found by Judge Chapyak on the second date of trial!

    I sat in Judge Chapyak's court room at one time while she took care of vehicle and traffic fines. Time and again she asked the court clerk what to do, how much the fine was, etc. This is a Judge?

    I found her to be biased, discriminatory and outright rude. How she ever became a judge, in my opinion, is beyond my comprehension.

    On of these days I'll get around to writing to the Commission on Judicial Conduct about her. I WANT MY EVIDENCE BACK! Oh, I was finally awarded almost $300, but should have gotten every nickle back since I had overpaid my real

    estate taxes!

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