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Sandra M. Savo

26 Fieldstone Dr., #1C, Hartsdale, NY


I was hired by Photius Coutsoukis to help take care of Teddy at his home/office in April 1997.

Teddy was the most loving and happy child and she adores her dad, who goes out of his way to spend time with her and to teach her new things. He worked at home, so that he could tend to her needs and he trained me to properly take care of her special requirements.

I can only imagine the horror and agony that Teddy and Photius must have felt when they were suddenly separated from each other.

I was present on the Day that Susan falsely accused Photius of abusing and imprisoning her and Susan also handed me a subpoena in Photius�s house to appear in New York Family Court.

I moved on to a new job after Susan took Teddy away and there was no more work for me at Photius�s.

I returned recently to help Photius during Teddy�s summer vacation with him.

I found Teddy to be frequently constipated, incredibly hyperactive and distractible, repeating the same thing over and over. She had forgotten a lot of the things that she knew, like sign language, alphabet, numbers, the books that she loved, how to open a door by turning a knob, how to insert a key into a keyhole and personal hygiene and she seems scared of school busses.

She can no longer do elementary things like chew her food, blow hot food or blow her nose. And she can no longer pull up her pants after potty.

She became temperamental and insecure, she bites, instead of kissing, she salivates profusely and she is extremely insecure, running to "baba" every two minutes.

Teddy, who used to learn new things every day is now lesser than I knew her over a year ago.

PS: I have never, in my life, met anyone as patient with a child as Photius.