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WebTV Accessories

      WebTV-Discount Mart Product Overview

      WebTV-Discount Mart offers unique products geared at easy and comfortable World Wide Web surfing and internet mailing straight from the television in your living room. These products are your user-friendly access to the amazing world of the internet. Moreover, they are an affordable way of internet access, beyond the purchase of expensive computer hardware and software, and an interesting alternative for people who suffer from the computer illiteracy that withholds them from participating in the information age.

      There are two ways to submit an order for our products: by credit card through our online order form or by mailing us your order with a check made out to WebTV-Discount Mart at:

      ITA Orders (Make checks to ITA Orders)
      1111 Howard Street
      NY 10566

      Please do not forget to add shipping and local sales tax, and to include your name, phone number and shipping address.

      Sorry, no COD's.

      Philips Magnavox WebTV® PLUS!.
      The first all-in-one, TV-based online service and set-top box designed to solve the complexities and hassles consumers experience [Philips Magnavox WebTV] when getting on the Internet is now even better.

      The WebTV® Plus System features an advanced cable-ready tuner that allows viewers to quickly tune to cable and broadcast channels, and brings picture-in-picture capability to standard televisions so that audiences can now view TV and web programming at the same time. The system also provides web content directly linked to TV shows for a new and seamless integration of TV and web programming.

      The new WebTV Plus System is a breakthrough in television entertainment because it delivers viewers more choices, more control and a deeper level of interaction and entertainment with TV programs immediately when they demand it. It contains revolutionary new technologies that provide these new capabilities in an affordable consumer electronics product. (click here for more product details).

         Price: WebTV Plus    $199.95
         WebTV Classic $99.95

      WebTV® wireless keyboard.
      Especially those who have extensive e-mail exchanges will find this [WebTV cordless keyboard] wireless, infra-red controlled keyboard a valuable extension of their WebTV® comfort. It supports all normal keyboard functions, making navigating through the WebTV® online world as easy as it would be on any ordinary computer, but with the advantage of 10 feet of move-about space. Batteries included.

      Price: with WebTV/WebTVplus order $59.95
      . . . without WebTV/WebTVplus order $69.95

      Philips Magnavox Printer Adapter.
      To print from your "Classic" WebTV® you need this special, easy to [WebTV printer adapter] install printer adapter and a Hewlett-Packard WebTV compatible color inkjet printer (WebTV Plus includes a build-in printer adapter). Please note that your Philips Magnavox WebTV® Internet Terminal will not print with any other type of adapter or printer. Installation instructions and technical information are included.

      Price: $119.95

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