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Malaysia Geography 1996

    • Location:
      Southeastern Asia, peninsula and northern one-third of the island of Borneo bordering the Java Sea and the South China Sea, south of Vietnam

    • Map references:
      Southeast Asia

    • Area:

        total area:
        329,750 sq km

        land area:
        328,550 sq km

        comparative area:
        slightly larger than New Mexico

    • Land boundaries:
      total 2,669 km, Brunei 381 km, Indonesia 1,782 km, Thailand 506 km

    • Coastline:
      4,675 km (Peninsular Malaysia 2,068 km, East Malaysia 2,607 km)

    • Maritime claims:

        continental shelf:
        200-m depth or to depth of exploitation; specified boundary in the South China Sea

        exclusive fishing zone:
        200 nm

        exclusive economic zone:
        200 nm

        territorial sea:
        12 nm

    • International disputes:
      involved in a complex dispute over the Spratly Islands with China, Philippines, Taiwan, Vietnam, and possibly Brunei; State of Sabah claimed by the Philippines; Brunei may wish to purchase the Malaysian salient that divides Brunei into two parts; two islands in dispute with Singapore; two islands in dispute with Indonesia

    • Climate:
      tropical; annual southwest (April to October) and northeast (October to February) monsoons

    • Terrain:
      coastal plains rising to hills and mountains

    • Natural resources:
      tin, petroleum, timber, copper, iron ore, natural gas, bauxite

    • Land use:

        arable land:

        permanent crops:

        meadows and pastures:

        forest and woodland:


    • Irrigated land:
      3,420 sq km (1989 est.)

    • Environment:

        current issues:
        air pollution from industrial and vehicular emissions; water pollution from raw sewage; deforestation

        natural hazards:

        international agreements:
        party to - Biodiversity, Climate Change, Endangered Species, Hazardous Wastes, Marine Life Conservation, Nuclear Test Ban, Ozone Layer Protection, Tropical Timber 83; signed, but not ratified - Law of the Sea

    • Note:
      strategic location along Strait of Malacca and southern South China Sea

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