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British Indian Ocean Territory Cities and Seaports

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IATA City and Seaport Codes for British Indian Ocean Territory :

  • IQ ALF Abu Al Fulus Abu Al Fulus
  • IQ ALK Abu Al Khasib Abu Al Khasib
  • IQ KUT Al Kut Al Kut
  • IQ UZA Al Uzayr Al Uzayr
  • IQ ZUB Al Zubair Al Zubair
  • IQ AMA Amara (Al-Amarah) Amara (Al-Amarah)
  • IQ ARK Arak Arak
  • IQ ABL Arbil Arbil
  • IQ BGW Baghdad Baghdad
  • IQ BAI Baigi Baigi
  • IQ BSR Basra Basra
  • IQ DIW Diwaniyah Diwaniyah
  • IQ DOK Dohuk Dohuk
  • IQ FAL Falluja Falluja
  • IQ FAO Fao Fao
  • IQ HIL Hillah Hillah
  • IQ HND Hindiya Hindiya
  • IQ HIT Hit Hit
  • IQ IKD Iskandariyha Iskandariyha
  • IQ KAR Karbala Karbala
  • IQ KHA Khor Al Amaya Khor Al Amaya
  • IQ KAZ Khor al Zubair Khor al Zubair
  • IQ KIK Kirkuk Kirkuk
  • IQ KFA Kufa Kufa
  • IQ MAN Mandali Mandali
  • IQ MAW Mawsil Mawsil
  • IQ MAB Mina Al Bakir Mina Al Bakir
  • IQ OSM Mosul Mosul
  • IQ NAS Najat Najat
  • IQ NRH Nassiriyah Nassiriyah
  • IQ NMA Numaniya Numaniya
  • IQ RMD Ramadi Ramadi
  • IQ RTM Ratawi Ratawi
  • IQ SAM Samara Samara
  • IQ SMW Samawa (As-Samawah) Samawa (As-Samawah)
  • IQ SBA Shuaiba Shuaiba
  • IQ SYH Sulaimaniyah Sulaimaniyah
  • IQ TKT Tikrit Tikrit
  • IQ UQR Umm Qasr Umm Qasr

    SOURCE: IATA and other sources

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