International Rankings of Coral Sea Islands - 2016

SOURCE: CIA World Factbook 2016

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This table lists the international rankings of Coral Sea Islands in all categories that are published in the CIA World Factbook, and those that we derived from them. Additional international rankings of Coral Sea Islands can be found in the main country ranks menu.
For a definition of each entry, visit the Definitions page.

Ranked Data Value Rank Date of Info
Coastline (km)3,09545NA
Elevation extremes - highest point (m)6236NA
Elevation extremes - lowest point (m)035NA
Irrigated land (sq km)01712011
Land Area - sq km3.00243NA
Land use - arable land (%)0.002042011
Land use - other (%)100.0012011
Land use - permanent crops (%)0.001742011
Total Area - sq km3.00245NA
Water Area - sq km0142NA

*CALCULATED FIGURES are those that we calculated from data presented by the CIA World Factbook. For example, we calculated population density by dividing the total population by the land area, the electricity consumption per capita by dividing electricity consumption by the total population, etc.

NOTE: The information regarding the international rankings of Coral Sea Islands on this page is derived from the CIA World Factbook 2016. No claims are made regarding the accuracy of international rankings of Coral Sea Islands contained here. All suggestions for corrections of any errors about international rankings of Coral Sea Islands should be addressed to the CIA.

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